Keele University admission queries response

Hello friends first of all this is not an official website for Keele or it’s employees. But for those who are not able to find it, it may be confusing at times to get the right place on an academic institution’s website … therefore this post is being created to let you know things directlyContinue reading “Keele University admission queries response”


Keele University Admissions enquiries

Please visit the video for more contact information in Hindi and English. This will be a great help for you if you visit this link at the university website https://www.keele.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/apply/admissionsfaqs/#:~:text=If%20you%20have%20any%20queries%20regarding%20admissions%20or,Admissions%20team%3A%20Telephone%3A%20%2B44%201782%20734010%20Email%3A%20admissions%40keele.ac.uk admissions@keele.ac.uk or enquiries@keele.ac.uk or international@keele.ac.uk or student.services@keele.ac.uk are the best as of now after admission contact at any of the any KPA emails if youContinue reading “Keele University Admissions enquiries”


Aata Sata – A social evil

Aata -Sata is a social evil, wide spreading these days in the state of Rajasthan, due to growing practice of female foeticide. The worst part of our society, visible these days, is the more we are getting educated the more we are trying to search for the evil ways to strengthen the ridiculous rituals. KillingContinue reading “Aata Sata – A social evil”


Tumhe Aapatti Hai… Nirmala Putul

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Apne Andar Zara Jhank mere Watan… Sahir

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Bhook hai to sabr kar… Dushyant

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Gunge nikal pade Zaban ki talash me dekhiye… Dushyant

#protestPoetry #motivation #inspiration #opinionsMakeDifference #RachanaMohini #DushyantKumar #HindiKavita #HindiPoem #inqalab #sarkarKeKhilaf #andolan #endeavour #success #efforts #struggle #life #zindagi #change #socialChange #rights #AamAadmi #commonMan #jung #ideal #newIndia #youth #silentVoices #awazDo #humEkHai


Life is beautiful, live it carefully!!

To some of my readers it may seem to be right and to the others it may seem to be totally upside down. Yes, all of you are right in fact!! How? See we can discuss that here… When we say life is beautiful it is half truth because the nature is beautiful but weContinue reading “Life is beautiful, live it carefully!!”


डर के आगे जीत

Fear is only inside, just come out of it and you can touch the sky, and the world will still remain the same. जी हां हम हजारों बार अपने ही बनाए दायरों में उलझे रहते हैं कयी बार सही कयी बार गलत, हमें तय करने की जरूरत है कि कौनसा दायरा हमारी उन्नति में सहायकContinue reading “डर के आगे जीत”


London to Delhi flight #Travelling_Uk_to_India?? #all_about_your_flight

Hello friends, Sorry it took some time for me to ask people travelling aftere as I traveled recently too but my friends travelled just last night so sharing many combine experiences with you guys. First of all there is q lot of fuss about traveling abroad I got fever out of tension for the reasonContinue reading “London to Delhi flight #Travelling_Uk_to_India?? #all_about_your_flight”


शोषण, आत्याचार, और कुत्सित मानसिकता पर मुम्बई उच्च न्यायालय की मुहर

ज्यादातर यही सुनने को मिलता है कि “बॉम्बे देश का सबसे मॉडर्न शहर है….. लड़कियां वहां सबसे ज्यादा “सेफ” है.” पर क्या वाकयी ऐसा है?? 4 साल वहां रहकर और बार आना जाना रहा जिसमें मुझे एक भी दिन कोलेज कैंपस के बाहर सुरक्षित महसूस नहीं हुआ क्योंकि यहां का “इतना तो चलता है याContinue reading “शोषण, आत्याचार, और कुत्सित मानसिकता पर मुम्बई उच्च न्यायालय की मुहर”


Applications Open: International students MIEM scholarship program

The MIEM program, funded by IdEx Université de Paris aspires to encourage the internationalization of master’s programs and assist the advent of the best international students to create a band of excellence. Application Deadline- February 01, 2021 For further guidelines please visit: The university craves to train global scientists or experts in their playing fieldContinue reading “Applications Open: International students MIEM scholarship program”


4th ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2021 in Cambodia

Applications open to apply A Fully Funded Exchange Program  150 Students will join in Cambodia in May 2021 All the Expenses to be covered by ASEF ASEF = Asia Europe Foundation Duration – Saturday, 29 May 2021 – Wednesday, 2 June 2021 Students from any academic Background Bachelors, Masters, PhD – age from 18 to 30 Years old can apply. No AcademicContinue reading “4th ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2021 in Cambodia”


President’s Scholarship to study in Illinois Wesleyan University, USA

Deadline- 15th Feb, 2021 President’s Scholarships Two full-tuition scholarships are awarded every year to exceedingly qualified international students as per their aptitude, interests and educational achievements. It is renewable for up to four years of study. Applications must be filled by Feb. 15 for consideration. Other Scholarships Merit Based Scholarships These are for the qualifiedContinue reading “President’s Scholarship to study in Illinois Wesleyan University, USA”


Know about WHO internship programme

WHO, being the leader in global public health concerns, is committed to construct a sundry pool of future leaders in public health sector. WHO’s Internship Programme presents a wide range of opportunities for UG and PG students to grow insight in the technical and administrative programmes while elevating their acquaintance and skill in the healthContinue reading “Know about WHO internship programme”


UNICEF Internship Program 2021

UNICEF Internship Program 2021  There is a magnificent prospect for you all. Applications for UNICEF Internship Program 2021 are now open to apply. The best part of it is that it is fully funded for all worldwide students. This UNICEF internship is for all Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Students. United Nations has its headquarters in New York, and UNICEF worksContinue reading “UNICEF Internship Program 2021”


A Life-partner or a Husband??

“एक स्त्री का पति बनकर उस पर अधिकार करने और उसके जीवन का सर्वश्रेष्ठ पुरुष बनकर उससे सम्मान पाने में काफी अंतर है।” It says that there is a lot of difference between being a husband to control his lady and being the best man in her life to seek her respect. The point isContinue reading “A Life-partner or a Husband??”


Why the Supreme Court of India is coming in between this way?

This is good that the Apex Court of India has intervened finally, but was not expected to be defensive this way while trying to protect the Government cleverly, while showing mercy to the farmers. It seems that the image of the Court, of being blind follower of the Government has made it look down uponContinue reading “Why the Supreme Court of India is coming in between this way?”


The complex nature of Resume

This is what we are supposed to do in the resume and this makes two way difference. At times the right person is left behind even after having capabilities or talent and the one with less zeal or hard work or intelligence occupies the seat just because of the presentation and it becomes like evenContinue reading “The complex nature of Resume”


This is how fake news is spread :(

This is just an example of how the fake news is spread. When our hon’ble PM went to the state of Sikkim for the inauguration of its first Airport, where he said that the scheme of Slipper to Airplane has been successful. Where he said that the last Government had built only 65 airports inContinue reading “This is how fake news is spread :(“


Government, Fundamental Rights and the myth of consent

I believe that in a democracy- Governments and the society have this social contract that Governments will protect the Fundamental Rights of the general public and the People in tern follow their Fundamental duties. But in case it is not being followed, it actually causes a threat to the democracy as well as the socialContinue reading “Government, Fundamental Rights and the myth of consent”


महिलाएं जरूर पढें

इसमें सामाजिक कुरीतियों एवं कानूनी समाधानों का जिक्र है। कृपया खुद भी पढें और आस पास की सहेलियों रिश्तेदारों सभी को बताऐं। घर में भी स्त्री पुरुष सभी से साझा करें।


आखिर क्यों किसानों का विरोध बढ रहा??

जो इस न्यूज में लिखा है वो तो आपने पढा ही साथ में बात यह है कि इन प्रश्न चिन्हित प्रावधानों के अतिरिक्त जो भी और है वो सब पहले से मौज़ूद है। इसलिए किसान कहते हैं कि इसे हटाओ क्यों वो पहले से सुधार चाहते हैं और ये कानून उल्टा पूरी तरह उनके हाथContinue reading “आखिर क्यों किसानों का विरोध बढ रहा??”


Education out of reach

(your views will be important please share your ideas for possible solution) There are soooo many students who were not able to access to schools and now when we have tries to arrange classes for them, corona epidemic has spoiled everything’s as we cannot take risk with these poor kids by getting them together inContinue reading “Education out of reach”


While deceiving others

At times we forget our position while deceiving others. We forget that we are because they are there. And it often happens with the political parties they ditch their active workers and just keep the founders along. Many times it happens in relationships too when we forget to realise that those seem near to usContinue reading “While deceiving others”

Some glimpses of Rajasthani Marriages / Royal Indian Wedding

Vinayak pooja Worship of Lord Ganesha This is the Hindu wedding ritual to invite Lord Ganesha at the first place so that all the ceremonies get completed properly without any obstacles as per the mythological beliefs. It followed with the worship of the food products and the farms instruments as the farmers’ lives depend onContinue reading “Some glimpses of Rajasthani Marriages / Royal Indian Wedding”

रानी रामपाल- हॉकी कप्तान #भारत # ओलंपिक

रानी रामपाल- कप्तान कहतीं हैं – “मैं अपने जीवन से भागना चाहती थी बिजली की कमी से, सोते समय हमारे कानों में भिनभिनाने वाले मच्छरों तक, बमुश्किल दो वक्त का खाना खाने से लेकर बारिश होने पर हमारे घर में पानी भरते हुए देखने तक। मेरे माता-पिता ने पूरी कोशिश की, लेकिन वे इतना हीContinue reading “रानी रामपाल- हॉकी कप्तान #भारत # ओलंपिक”

Help me, for Education

Hello friends,I help poor tribal kids to connect with education and spread legal awareness, but in need of support now.Please spread a word among your circle… If anyone can help me… i secured admission for masters at Keele University, UK, (also at London School of Economice, Sussex and Lancaster but this one is the instututeContinue reading “Help me, for Education”

Sketch for schooling : Promoting the cause of Education

#SDG2030 #education #support #motivation #RCT #london #rural_development #schooling #education_for_the_poor As i have mentioned in the last post that Rajasthan Charitable Trust is promoting the cause of Education for the poor rural kids from the remote areas of Rajasthan. It is without any discrimination of caste or creed or religion or any other thing. Just theContinue reading “Sketch for schooling : Promoting the cause of Education”

Rajasthan Charitable Trust (RCT)

RCT is a London based organisation that helps the poor students from Rural Rajasthan (one of the most economically, educationally & socially backward places in India) with a vision to have no kids (who are willing to study and showing zeal) must be deprived of education just in want of finances or motivation. I beingContinue reading “Rajasthan Charitable Trust (RCT)”