How to be resilient?? 1

First of all the question comes that what is the meaning of being resilient? Then why is it important to be resilient? Then How to be one?

So friends! Let’s think, what is being resilient mean to you?

The word

“/rɪˈzɪlɪənt/” is the right pronunciation for this word and it is an adjective.


The dictionary meaning of this word is “a person/animal, who is able to withstand or restore its form quickly from complex circumstances” or “a substance/object, which is able to move/ spring back into shape after bending, stretching/ being compressed” or “an ability to adjust with the change easily”.

Why important?

Life is not straight forward or a bed of roses; or say it is never as smooth as we want it to be, it always has its ups and downs and they are a must to be there, otherwise we may be lazy/ get bored with it. It shows us alive and makes us feel the taste of happiness or success.

Also, it is important because once we fall we cannot afford being lying down at the ground and not to wake up and fight back. We need to take off from the ground, if we want to go ahead and touch the sky, otherwise no point of being alive in the vegetative state.

We have to keep taking risks or challenges to progress in life and to achieve success. Therefore we as a person or enterprise need to bounce back from all the disappointments and failures, with new energy and courage.

There are so many things we face in our daily life like failing in exams/ failure to secure a bank loan/ missing out on investments/ poor performance/ weakening in making personal and work life balance/ not able to meet goals or deadlines/ losing some dear ones and the list goes on.

*please read the next post on how to be resilient?

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