How to be resilient?? 2

How to be resilient

It is being natural for some and a learning process for many. So let’s see how can we develop this trait? There are many things said and done like knowing the ways to manage stress, creating a support network around you or better the work-personal life balance etc.  What I feel is that- it is not about uncontrolled positivity rather it is more about being realistic and rationale. Because when we fall down or fail then first we need to accept it as it is and we need to analyse the reasons for that and then we need to find ways to take off, for which we need to use our strengths and to do that we need to know ors strength and weaknesses. Therefore I find that being “self aware” is the key to be resilient. And, for being self aware we need to pause for a while, visualize everything going within or outside and then fight back, since the process of slowing down here will attract lesser negative thoughts and activate our creative mind to find the ways to go ahead to make the mark. In other words, it gives us time to reflect and analyse the situation.

Even doing yoga or breathing exercises or meditation, which make our mind calm, have the potential to alter the way we think or respond to things, which ultimately leads us to make better conclusions. Once we are able to do that, we are more confident and less affected by the failures, let me put it in this way, that by doing so we are in the better position to use the set-backs as steps to achieve the accomplishment. Means, it is important to create space for ourselves, where we can explore our challenges.

If we talk about the work-life balance, yes! Work is always important but so is our life! Agree?? Now, think to balance it. The habit of getting out of the work fewer and nurture our hobbies can bring miracles into our life and make us happy. This will also fill us with energy to work with full potential, and that also, in turn gives us happiness and this becomes a cycle, where we can find easy solutions for all short of difficulties.

Now comes another important thing that is too attached with us to be removed from our life, i.e. technology. It may help us to work or respond at any time or place, it makes us stay connected all the times but it consumes our ‘me time’, which is really important to recover the energy or to be ourselves or to stay healthy. If we are unable to switch off the technology it can seriously harm our personal life or relations as well as the long term performance at the work place. Hence, it is really important to use it smartly and to know when and where to switch it off.

Then comes the most important thing- After analyzing ourselves when we are ready to take off (may be before or after the fall), we need to set the achievable targets and be practical, though it is human nature that we, most of the times, tend to attain everything in one day. Once we are able to do all the above mentioned little corrections, we humans have the potential to be unstoppable, trust me!!

Go ahead friends 🙂 Copyright © Rachana Dhaka

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