Can i write?

if you have the above question in mind just remember the following words.

They are true to my experience.

Yes! Of-course, you can write and the very fact that you are reading this write up shows that you want to be a writer, and you have the passion to share your thoughts with others. I am really happy and content to see you here, since I love writing and sharing ideas, you will enjoy writing but it is a challenge to provide your thoughts in the way the readers want but it is quite relaxing and creative. If you love the language, playing with words and love sharing your feelings or knowledge, nothing is better than spreading a piece of writing, just go for it.

Friends, do not just doubt, you just do it. You can always be a writer, since they are not always born, they are made as well. Therefore, despite all the obstacles, if you will to write, you can always do that. The work pressure and unforeseen rejections are part of the process only, no need to get disheartened. Your passion and hard work have no replacements.

For writing there is no particular shape or qualification or parameter, the only thing you have to have is something to share. The separate space to write helps but with the advanced technology, you can do it anytime; anywhere; whatever works for you. Quality is the only thing you must worry about while writing, to attract your potential readers, not the age or looks or any outer things.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


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