We will rock together!!

No one is alone here,

So do not feel any fear.

Always keep in mind that,

We are all together.

Dear Friends!!

We all are here to share

The resources of nature.

Not to spoil it

Rather to save and transfer.

On the same lines

this is a platform to rock together.

Share what you want to share,

This is our own platform here.

Where our ideas can gather

And we all can come nearer.

By this way of poetry,

We can know each other.

Whenever you feel,

Come & write here.

Nothing to bother

You just come & say,

We all are ready to hear.

Your voice is always lovely,

Your opinions are always respected.

I just want to say that

Till the time we are

Not harming any other,

No one can deny you to share.

You know!

Every creation of nature

 Is so nice and it differ

And, so are you.

So don’t look here & there,

We are right in front of you dear.

You have only one thing to remember

That never feel shy to share

You are always welcome dear

We will all share

Our sorrows & happiness

They will be mixed together

And we will all cheer.

This will be true character

Of our friendship that

We will reflect each other.

Never be tensed because

We are going to rock together

This will be our destiny that

In every storm of life

We will walk together.

To this platform here

People will come & go

But this is always for sure

Whosoever, will stay here

Will only make us stronger

So never to worry dear

B’coz you are never alone here.

Your smile is our happiness

So always be happy my dear.

My dear Friends!

If we guys are happy

We can always rock together. Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


  1. Cannot stop myself from reading it all…. I am getting motivated and positive wibes from each word of yours put in here… great blog… way to go Girl!!

    Just keep writing and touch the sky!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely and powerful poem. I appreciate that it is in English. I was ready to copy and paste into Google translate. Is there a way on wordpress to automatically translate things?

    Thanks for following my blog!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. thank you so very much dear… for the love… i loved your writing so following you :)… i do not find any way to translate in the worldpress… but i will try to do that for my poems soon.


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