A sketch of my Gorgeous Princess

Copyright: Rachana Dhaka

On her birthday this time. this was a little effort to make her happy. She is a girl I love the most my niece, my favourite. She is so simple and understanding that, no other child, I met, have ever been. A pious soul, innocent and away from this world. She questions things and absorbs the observations.

My family remains tensed about her that all short worldly affairs are out of her business and she has no interest in all the shit going on around in the society in the name of rituals or traditions or religion, she has the same eyes to look at everything and everyone. She respects people and also takes care of her self respect. She is shy but naughty as well. She is shy but knows how to say NO to the wrong against her. She is quiet but curious. She is simple and intelligent. She is a pure Human Being and therefore my favourite.

She owns my name as well 😀 “Guddu”. I can live my childhood through her eyes once again. And therefore this special extra effort for the special person, and I can see her as a leader in the making.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


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