I love my India/Country: what do we mean?

When the word “country” or “India” comes in your mind, what do you think of it?

Being an Indian, these days I am listening a lot of this word, a thousand or more times a day, may be. So i was just thinking of it. What it actually means? I have asked many of those who were telling me that they love their country/ I love my India/ Jai Hind and they will not let anything happen against it. But they could not reply more than a permanent line i.e. country/ India means country/ India or just said Jai Hind/ Vande Mataram. But none of these things define the words India or Country.

Is it a wall/ play ground/ Birds/ animals/rivers/ Hindues/ Muslims/ Parsies/ Christians/mountains/ trees/ we all put together? What is it actually??

Okay let me put it with the fact- “Our brothern at the borders are protecting the nation”. Right? sooooooo, now think that they are protecting whom? Yes you are right. They are protecting our Land and other resources and the people living in this boundary. So we all put together are a nation/Country/India.

So I request my respected readers to think of it and reply or correct me if you find a better definition. For me ‘I love my India/Country’ means the land I am born at, spent my life there, the nation which shows my Identity or nationality, the beautiful land declared by law of the land as a nation, and also it includes the people who owe the same identity as i do are part of the definition of the word like country or covered in India, the cultures all of us follow, irrespective of the language, caste, color or religion, we all together constitute our amazing country and we are all brand ambassadors of India, wherever we go.

Our nation is a big family for us, where we may have different opinions but that does not mean that we will create walls in between, because the moment we create the wall it no more remains a “Home” rather it becomes a ‘House”.

The day we will realise this fact, I hope, we will not fight anymore with our own family members just on the instructions of the political leaders who always have tried to play the divide and rule game with us, since the British era.

And therefore the moment we start fighting to each other in the name of religion/caste/creed/place of birth/color/language etc then all the people or parties to the fight are involved in the anti-national task since they are breaking the basic foundation of the constitution.

So I just want to convey that if we love our nation or country then we have to love all the people living there and protect its nature/ culture/ resources. In other words if we love our India then we will have to stop fighting with the fellow Indians (citizens), in the name of religion/race/caste/creed/place of birth/language or any other such thing. Because we can love our nation only when we stop fighting among over-selves and promote our culture of peaceful coexistence and let the constitution prevail.

Jai Hind!!

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


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