You are the best!! You are made to be a winner!!

Yeah, You!! Yes yes, youuuu! the one who is reading my blog right now, my great reader, I am talking to you only. You are the best and born to win. You want to know why am I saying so? Yes!! Okay I am going to tell you why, here.

Yes the reply to this is that you are a rationale, innocent, witty, talented, beautiful, strong, emotional, social, lover, peaceful person by birth, though at times you may feel perplexed, weak, fearful, anxious or angry as well but that is all natural as well. Though one thing is for sure that you are not a born cheater or criminal, but at times the society forces or supresses your feelings so much that you just find no other way to go either to die or fall into the trap of crimes, may be due to any short of harrassment or poverty.

Believe me, there are many circumstances which compel us many times to go on the wrong way, and we find that way easier than the path of truth, honesty and hard work, at times we find ourselves totally broken and we see that those who have cheated, have got a better life than us. Our path may be difficult and mostly people will not trust us unless they get to know our nature, they will blame us to be liar or dishonest etc because they cannot digest the fact that people like us also exist, but do not worry on the same way there are many like us but all walking alone in the majority of others. But we will find them somewhere for sure because the nature always makes meet those who are alike.

So do not worry much friends, just take care that keep sharing your emotions with your trusted loved ones, so that you do not get disturbed or feel alone ever, rest is all on the nature, have a strong will to win, since you have not done any wrong none can stop you rather the whole universe will start giving you strength to go ahead and succeed.

So be yourself, do not try to run in the rat race for the sake of flowing with the wind, you will achieve your goals but do not have doubts, just trust yourself and love yourself.

Remember you are the best and you only know yourself the best so do not try to fulfill expectations of others rather listen to your soul and enjoy your life while spreading happiness, it may easy to say and hard to follow but it is not fake it is a life lesson from what I have experienced. 🙂 You are made to be a winner!! Go ahead!! 🙂

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka



    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ I Have Recently Deleted #LinkedIn and #Facebook Accounts because of what I, as a Writer, consider to be Draconian, Dictatorial Rules and Regulations; ergo, I WILL NOT!!! Be Censored

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



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