स्त्री Woman -2

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Beyond that we need to understand that she is a human too just like a man, so why the responsibility of carrying the family pride lies on her only? Are the men so weak to carry that or just putting the extra burden on their head to confine them around all this irrational things.

Also we need to correct our thought process that if they are smiling at you doesn’t mean tha they have any wrong intentions or do not have any self respect. They are smiling because they respected you and not that they are falling for you, they are smiling out of their self confidence and social virtues. This is a food for thought friends please think over it and spread the message.

Why there are examples of sacrifices only for a woman. This is all a cunning way to snatch their rights from them and make them happy that they are being worshiped like a goddess, which is not the reality as they are humans and not dolls to be put as a showpiece with ornaments or puppets whom you can force to dance at your fingers. Nooooo, they are at par with you, your fellow citizens and except the biological differences they have proved themselves suitable for anything and everything which you call a man’s world. The only fear they have to come out of the four-walls of the house is their physical safety, which is not even a guarantee, these days, even in the houses as well. And in the worst case if the crime has happened and they are victims then please do not defame them by saying that her respect or virtue is gone. NOOOOOOOOO, it was the respect or virtue of they criminal has gone, she was not the culprit and she is already under pain, please do not make it more painful or shameful for her to bear.

She does not speak up for herself because she cares and compromises for the family, does not mean that she is always happy or doesn’t care or it doesn’t matter for her. or it was her duty, or since she has left chasing her dreams so it was okay that we will never ask her or care for her, No please do not do that with her, she is already broken from inside and if you will not ask she will never let you know but even if her eyes are dry (in want of her dreams) but her hurt is always full. But if you care and ask her twice then she will actually not mind doing all the sacrifices or may be with conversation you may find a way to go for her to pursue her dreams. Trust me she will never let you down.

Also if she is working she is also doing home affairs, please help her their so that she can also rest and take care of you n family better. People say females have less humor, i.e. because they are all day working and their mind cannot rest, then from where the humor will come out. The creator had created her so beautiful but forgot to give her time to rest, even if she is at home she has no rest, you or me may have holidays but she has no holidays rather on the 365 days duty. Please share her burden and lead a happier life.

This is the final word that she is the one who makes home home otherwise it is a haunted house of stones without life. Try to notice sometimes when we were kids how empty the house used to be till the time mom used to come back from work, then howsoever hard you may fight with your sister but when she is not around either you become quiet or you miss her a lot, when she is their even the stone son the walls start speaking, this is the statement i have heard from manyyyyy brothers of the only sisters. And how lonely you feel when your wife is not around – the house seems empty and those who have daughters can only understand that when you see your daughter roaming around you and arguing with you, how much proud and happy and lucky you feel from within, then how can you call her a Paraya dhan, she is the core of your heart and so is your wife so respect her and someone will love and respect your daughter too.

Friends females are amazing (mostly, though exceptions may make them criminals too at times but that can be reformed), only thing they need from you is mot your money rather your love, care, a bit of attention and some time together, that is it. Once you do this much for them and they are already there to give up everything for you.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


  1. बहुत सुंदरः When my late wife was
    maitaining family with me working in another town sending her FULL salary, our ration card ( must then)showed her as head of family. I was just member. I lived in car allowance by not using it much.

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  2. एक सामाजिक किन्तु बहुत कडुवि हकीकत को अपने कविता केे जरिए बहुत खूबसूरती से बयान किया है ….Grate

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  3. Beautiful. It takes a lot to recognize this. Many figure it out when it’s too late and they have taken everything from her and then she’s gone.

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