Readers’ questions to be replied

I have received some questions or comments on my post calling India a Republic???

Though the questions I have posted there are after the experience of twelve years, while being in touch with the people at the ground and reading about these policies and laws, and trying to know their impact and implementation at the bottom so they are no where an exaggeration, as some of my brilliant readers are claiming it while judging the policies on paper while sitting in the AC rooms and not knowing that how the poor and marginalized are struggling to seek benefits of the lucrative policies and ultimately they end up gaining nothing and the waste of time and their hard earned money and energy.

My friends I want to reply you here separately because I want to discuss these things with my other learned and witty readers as well, so that we can get more valuable insights.

Some parts of your questions are mixed with other similar questions so please do not get disheartened but I will try to reply you all since you also have the right to question and I respect your opinions till the time they are not illegal or harmful to any other fellow being.

Also, I would like to request you that please, before asking these questions, if you could see the practical things without the specs of media, since most of the media says what the rulers want them to say. In that case you would not be asking such questions.

Again if I am criticizing my elected representatives that never mean that I follow any other ideology or I support every illegal activity you may think of, therefore please argue but with some common sense, I an no one to reply everything under the sky but where I think it is alright to discuss I will try my best to discuss those things here.

Q. “JNU is ruined not by the govt, but by the students and faculties who impose communism in the institute and raise slogans like ” bharat tere tukde honge inshallaa” and supporting terrorists like Afzal Guru.”

Ans. This is still not clear who did that, whether those were the JNU students or some outsiders to defame the Institution. Therefore till the time it is clear we are no one to question these things, it is the job of the court, let the Judiciary work please. And about ruining I said because this is one example and at times students may also be at fault that does not mean that the Government will change the good faculty and put the RSS people there who will just walk as much as the Government wants.

Q. “Recently a JNU student talked about dividing North East of India isolated. Should we just see this and ignore it because “freedom of speech in the Indian republic is reserved for those who can talk nonsense about the very foundations of the state.”

Ans. If some one is doing or saying anything illegal that person must be punished by the due process of law and why are you posing this question to me, I have nowhere supported any illegal activities in my post so this is a nonsense, please open your mind rather than thinking of taking the law into your hands.

Before questioning anyone on such things please come with clean hands and open minds.

Q. ” They haven’t even read the CAA act against which they are protesting.”

Ans. Sorry I cannot help those who have not read the act and if you want my opinion please go read my post on that and get the prejudices out of your mind.

Q. Was pelting stones on the army in Kashmir the definition of the Indian republic? or controlling them is?

Ans. None of them I have said in my statements. so First read the things clearly and then ask questions.

For some non-practical prejudices narrow-minded statements made by my one of the learned reader about religious and preaching, who is quite emotional with the Modi Government, I would like to say that Indian Constitution does not favour any religion and gives freedom to everyone to follow the religion of their choice or not follow any. And by Making statements apart from this is illegal and your questions or statements were also against the spirit of the constitution therefore I am not posting them here and just telling you what the fundamental law of the land says.

Q. Hasn’t the govt took welfare measures to support education (increasing education budget, to schemes like Atal Innovation mission)?

Ans. You are absolutely right dear it was a good step, but please come with me and see the reality, forget about the villages (they are the far away things for any governments), just try visit towns of the country and see how may Government schools have all these things in practice, making the schemes on paper to show the world will never develop a country and that is why we are lacking behind. Because our people have been praising the papers and they never tried to check out the bottom reality or implementation.

Q. to support farmers(even father of Green Revolution Dr. MS Swaminathan praised the efforts in Yojana of Feb 2019)?

Ans. Thanks for making my task easy by putting the name of a person here, if you can understand it at all. First being a daughter of a farmer, I will clarify that Mr Swaminathan has not benefited the farmers rather he had ruined them, though I will not say that this person has not increased the production but all those good things we read in the newspapers while sitting in the AC rooms made in big cities, we can never guess the real situation. Farmers had paid and are still paying a HUGE COST for letting the green revolution happen, because that was not something done by the natural ways rather this person had used many harmful chemicals to increase the production and increase the business of the pesticide companies and many others and ruined the practice of keeping seeds everytime and showing them next time, and many more natural practices. Now the Cancer hospital of BIKANER, RAJASTHAN is full of these farmers and their new borns because all those things used to bring the green revolution have ruined their lives and given cancer and many more diseases to the coming generations. Punjab is the most affected state because Punjab was at the top in the production during green revolution times. Please read the plights of those and then I will tell you what the Government schemes made for the benefits of farmers have done to them. If such people appreciate any thing then that is already doubtful.

Farmer Bima Yojna brought by the present central Government has reached to none, not a single beneficiary is there, then what is the point of such Government 3-4 years back in Rajasthan Vasundhara Government has compensated the farmers 20/- paisa (Rs 00.20/-) for the loss of laks, can you beat that? Now the Present Gahlot Government in Rajasthan is doing no favours to them though it is announcing new schemes every now and then but till date since the in idependence of India only a hanful of schemes have actually reached to the farmers for their real benefits, rest of them have only either worked on paper or have ruined them.

If you are talking about what was announced by Mr Piyush Goya in the interim budget in feb 2019, the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi i.e. not yet reached to the beneficiary and even if we assume that what ever benefits written on paper they will get it soon… then also it will not be a favour to them because we cannot even live properly with the minor amount of rs 6000/- per month then how can we imagine that a farmer’s entire family will be happily living with this token amount of rs 6000/- per year???????????????????

No rationale person will try (Only the bhakts can be so dumb) to say this is good enough, you know my dear that the small and marginalised farmers are already suffering more than the big ones since they cannot use costly machinery for their small farms and also their crops or products are not paid off sufficiently not they have the facility to store the grains and people like you and me never know how tough is the life being there and working at the farms, when their entire hard work is subject to the weather conditions and we can never dare to put our earning in the open but they have to do it, we keep fighting in the name of cows or environment or anything like this, if we can think a little bit for farmers’ benefit, believe me my dear, we can find all the solutions for every problem, because most of them will have simple and natural solutions with farmers’ help.

But to understand this all we cannot be blind follower of one person who is enchanting the name of our religion or favouring our caste and looting our pockets to fill the pockets of big business houses, rather we will have to stand up on the ground and see the long term impact of everything.

And finally my learned fellow has said that “Yes govt is not perfect it has made huge mistakes, some of its ministers have communalized masses during elections which is wrong, it has not taken bold steps against corruption, failed to convey and clarify the confusion people have about the CAA, NRC, Demonetisation harmed many people etc. but you need to take a balanced view of situations in your blog atleast on the Republic Day of the country.”

for this comment I want to reply you dear that why only on the republic day??????????????????????? I try to take the balanced view every day in the life and this day sake culture is ruining the nation more, actually you want to become patriot for a day and rest of the days just ‘let it be’ culture goes on and you do not bother about it. Another thing I will say is that you yourself has accepted that what all big blunders Government has done, and that includes the basic needs and shows that the environment and culture of the nation is getting destroyed by all these big mistakes and for that only we are questioning the Government and Governments are not there to commit this short of confusions or to support any particular religion or to favour some private business houses rather to serve the people of India and to take welfare measures and to take care that those policies are being implemented properly and reaching to the last person in the queue.

Please think on this all and share opinions!!


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