Is Gandhi actually dead??

On 30th Jan, 1948, was the day when the father of the nation was shot dead by one of the followers of the ideology which is trying to divide and rule the nation right now, in the name of religion or hardcore nationalism (which is no where true nationalism). But, actually the body of Gandhi was killed but we need to rethink whether Gandhi was actually dead or not?

I believe that Gandhi, with all his good sayings and deeds, (saying so since he was also not away from mistakes as any other normal human being some of his decisions were also not correct or are still controversial), is still alive and there are people who are following or still want to follow his ideology of peace or non-violence, which is a good sign. But on the other hand we are listening the violent statements like ‘shot them’ (to whom is understood automatically), or kill them from the leaders of our present day largest ruling party. And unfortunately the youth from their followers are supporting it and also the youth from the opposite group are also many times talking in the similar language, looking at this situation, it seems to be a cause to worry that where our young generation is heading and why these people are still trying to kill Gandhi again and again, every day??

Friends!! Gandhi is still alive and we need to come together to save him in these times of violence when the entire nation is set on the fire of communal hatred by the leaders one or the other ideologies, just to cover the elections every time. We need to understand these things very closely, while avoiding the sold out media crying otherwise, because the media cries add more fuel to the fire and not try to get democratic solutions to the problems to make people help in connecting the dots, because they also know that if the tales of their fabricated stories are connected some day then the people of India will get to know the reality and that day these kind of violent ideologies will not be able to flourish any more.

This is the time for which they have reduced employment, so that the unemployed and already frustrated youth will listen to them for a small amount of money and when a mind is frustrated and in need then, generally, they cannot think rationally and by the time they try to think they are already filled with the matter they want to put in and then these innocent minds work like a tanker full of atomic fuels. We need to save our young minds from getting blasted and make them understand that you are being a killer of Gandhi again if you go on this path, and you are born to be Gandhi and not Godse, who killed his body.

Long live India!! Long live Gandhi!!


  1. Now that was an inspired post. Bravo, Rachana! You have a gift, you know. I wish more people from India followed your blog. Gandhi’s teachings are relevant all over the world, of course, but it seems that your country really needs to heed him.

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    1. Thank you soooo very much for the kind words dear… Yes even after some big mistakes he had done so many good things which can still show us the right path and we the Indians need to follow them collectively!!

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