Live the best life … away from chaos!!

Yes friends. This life is yours and the chaos is created by others, so we need to think many more times before getting troubled with this all the shit going on outside. The whole world is crying, shouting, and especially the political leaders these days, in every so called big country or the biggest democracies are at the worst stage, though it is our collective duty to save the nation from all this when the youth is going on the wrong path on the directions of extremist ideologies, but that does not mean that we will keep the tension on our head and keep getting frustrated with this. But we need not fight with everyone or with ourselves at every time, we need to keep our self time for letting our mind and body get relaxed and healed from all these chaos.

Also it is our responsibility or say compulsion in one way to study hard and get a job or earn in any way so feed ourselves and our family but that also does not mean that if it is taking some time then we will not kill ourselves, though it is natural to get a bit tensed but suicide or getting mad at anything which is not in our hands, it totally pointless thing. Rather we should take a deep breath, give some rest to our mind and then think peacefully about what to do and talk to someone who we think can better guide us to get to know the things we might not be knowing or not noticing much till date.

At times we need solutions and we keep searching for problems, this happens when we keep overthinking and do not give rest to our mind. Then our sleep is not proper and we wake up tired even after a long sleep, do not torture yourself like this please.

At times our close ones have expectations with us but we are, somehow, not able to fulfill them or are not able to do it even though the expectations are genuine as we are not ably to analyse the situation and not getting where to start the journey from, and at times the expectation is too big and none is there to be the helping hand so we end up being sad and not getting anyone to lean our head on and share because our life partners are too big angry young person so they are not able to or say they do not want to listen to us and understand us genuienly.

But friends in any of the above described or any other situation, for whatsoever reason you are sad or frustrated or troubled, you will have to keep one thing in mind that this life is only one and that too is tooooooooooo short, that by the time we realise its worth or we start living in the real sense, it is over. So why not we realise it before hand when we, hopefully, still have time to enjoy it.

At times we are surrounded with people in our family (mostly it effects when life-partner is like this), or friends, who do not know how to celebrate life with small small happy moments, they are too sadistic and they are habitual of searching bad things in good things as well so do not bother much let them live their life in their own way and live your life in your own way. I have learnt this from the live experience but I wish that not everyone have to learn it like that.

Friends!! finally i just want to say that stop thinking as if the world is your responsibility, at times it is a must but not upto the extent which can disturb your inner peace. Because even if you spoil your life nothing good is going to happen, things take their own time to get corrected or to give final result and do your bit and then chill. You also have to enjoy otherwise whatever little bit yo are supposed to do, ypu will not be able to do that also.

So chill and enjoy your life at the fullest and believe me if you are lively, many more people will learn from you and follow your way of life, help people, spread smiles and stay tension free, happiness will be there within and around you and people will learn and inspire from your way of life.

It is your life friends, do not let it get affected by the chaos created by others, in any given way. Live it at its best!! Do not try to be in chains of any short whether that is in the name of society or family or nation or any other way, if you are not breaking the law you have all the right to live your life in your way and your way is the best way to live your life!! you have the key to everything in it, open the shackles and fly like a free bird.

Be yourself and the world will adjust automatically, do not try to adjust according to others raising their expectations. Live your life not of others. and trust me you can do that.

Copyright: Rachana Dhaka


  1. It is the most encouraging reasoning I could read. Above all, because it comes from a young mind. The world is certainly convulsed. Nothing is in place because politicians only look at their interests and let people have to lack the means to live better. Corruption does not stop. The weather is a disaster. None of that can change. As you say, you have to assume responsibilities to make our lives more bearable. You just have to study to have a weapon to have quality of life. You can’t cross your arms to wait for it. You’re right. Life is today, tomorrow is already late. It is magnificent to get your attention. I congratulate you sincerely.

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