Look into yourself my nation: Sahir अपने अंदर ज़रा झाँक मेरे वतन: साहिर लुधियानवी

English translation at the end. He had predicted the fruits of the things which were going on while he was alive.

अपने अंदर ज़रा झाँक मेरे वतन

अपने ऐबों को मत ढाँक मेरे वतन

तेरा इतिहास है ख़ूँ में लुथड़ा हुआ

तू अभी तक है दुनिया में बिछड़ा हुआ

तू ने अपनों को अपना न माना कभी

तू ने इंसाँ को इंसाँ न जाना कभी

तेरे धर्मों ने ज़ातों की तक़्सीम की

तिरी रस्मों ने नफ़रत की ता’लीम दी

वहशतों का चलन तुझ में जारी रहा

क़त्ल-ओ-ख़ूँ का जुनूँ तुझ पे तारी रहा

अपने अंदर ज़रा झाँक मेरे वतन

तू द्राविड़ है या आरिया नस्ल है

जो भी है अब इसी ख़ाक की फ़स्ल है

रंग और नस्ल के दाएरे से निकल

गिर चुका है बहुत देर अब तो सँभल

तेरे दिल से जो नफ़रत न मिट पाएगी

तेरे घर में ग़ुलामी पलट आएगी

तेरी बर्बादियों का तुझे वास्ता

ढूँड अपने लिए अब नया रास्ता

अपने अंदर ज़रा झाँक मेरे वतन

अपने ऐबों को मत ढाँक मेरे वतन

Here Mr Sahir Ludhiyanvi asks the people of India addressing then as nation to look into the faults and correct them, while choosing a new better path and remove hatred. he says–

Please look into yourself my beloved nation, please do not hide your mistakes, Your history is blood shaded and you are still backward in the world. You have not tried to recognise who is yours nor have respected humans as humans. Your religions have divided us into castes, your rituals have taught us hatred. The practice of fear was continue within you and the madness to kill each other always tried to capture your mind. Look into yourself my nation my society, whether you are a Dravid or Arya, whichever you are but now you are made of this soil or ash. Please come out of the limits of the color or creed, you have fallen down a lot, atleast come out of it, now. If this hatred will not go away from your heart, slavery will again capture you. I sware you of your destruction please find a new way for yourself, please look into yourself my nation, do not hide your shortcomings my nation.

Translation by Rachana Dhaka


    1. Yes it is Indeed!! But I will just request you not to visit it near elections because that time there is law and order problems, unfortunately!!
      People are kind, geography and culture are very rich as well as diverse but the main issue now has been security due to unemployment and political diversions. :(… But if you are aware of these things and then go then you will definitely enjoy it.

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