साहिर- ज़िन्दगी पर Sahir about life

Continue from the last post about Sahir Sahib…

Now it is turn to go throug some of his Songs/Poetry to let you know that why was he so amazing- His words are followed by translation —

मैं पल दो पल का शायर हूँ, पल दो पल मेरी कहानी है

पल दो पल मेरी हस्ती है, पल दो पल मेरी जवानी हैl

मुझसे पहले कितने शायर, आए और आकर चले गए,

कुछ आहें भरकर लौट गए, कुछ नग़मे गाकर चले गएl

वो भी एक पल का किस्सा थे, मै भी एक पल का किस्सा हूँ

कल तुमसे जुदा हो जाऊँगा, जो आज तुम्हारा हिस्सा हूँl

He talks about the short span of life that I am a poet for short time, there is a short story of mine, I was alive for some moments and my youth was for some moments. There were many poets came before me, and left, some left in loneliness and some sung the life songs. They were also part of a moment and I am as well, tomorrow I will be away from you but today I am part of you.

कल और आयेंगे नगमो की खिलती कलियाँ चुनने वाले,

मुझसे बेहतर कहनेवाले, तुमसे बेहतर सुननेवाले;

कल कोई उनको याद करे,क्यूँ कोई मुझको याद करे?

मसरूफ ज़माना मेरे लिए क्यूँवक़्त अपना बर्बाद करे?

Then he further says that tomorrow there will come many more to narrate poems. There will be some better narrators than me and better listeners than you, Then why will this world remember me or them later, Why the busy world will spend its time for me?

मेरे महबूब कहीं और मिला कर मुझसे,

बज़्म- ए-शाही में ग़रीबों का गुज़र क्या माने.

सबत जिन राहों पर है सतबते शाही के निशां

उसपे उल्फत भरी रूहों का गुज़र क्या माने?

Then he talks about Taj Mahal and asks his love not to meet him there, because even though this symbol of love had luxurious monarchy for ages but it doesn’t know anything about the poor’s life. What is the point of meeting of two people full of love, here at the place where the sign of violence or dominance is marked?


  1. मैं इतना बहोत बड़ा fan हूँ, इनके लिखे गाने उम्दा👌👌 आप वसीर बद्र

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