In this rainy season : Gopaldas Neeraj अब के सावन में…: गोपालदास नीरज

English translation follows

अब के सावन में शरारत ये मिरे साथ हुई

मेरा घर छोड़ के कुल शहर में बरसात हुई

आप मत पूछिए क्या हम पे सफ़र में गुज़री

था लुटेरों का जहाँ गाँव वहीं रात हुई

ज़िंदगी भर तो हुई गुफ़्तुगू ग़ैरों से मगर

आज तक हम से हमारी न मुलाक़ात हुई

हर ग़लत मोड़ पे टोका है किसी ने मुझ को

एक आवाज़ तिरी जब से मिरे साथ हुई

मैं ने सोचा कि मिरे देश की हालत क्या है

एक क़ातिल से तभी मेरी मुलाक़ात हुई

He says it all indirectly here and I know you are intelligent enough to read between the lines, once the language barrier is removed… so I am just gonna write the literal translation so that you miss nothing otherwise you will understand only one dimension which I do.

So he says here that this rainy season this mischief happened with me, it was raining everywhere except my home. Don’t ask us what we gone through during the journey, every night came when the decoits were nearby (lot many meanings of this in society and politics and philosophy). In life every time I met with others but could never meet myself and this i the story of everyone. Then he says that since the time this voice is with me i have been stopped before taking wrong turns. One day I was thinking about the situation of my country and then only i met with a killer. 😦


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