And the Delhi elections results are out!!

(Sorry for the delay in this post… it was due from 11th of Feb,2020, when the election results were out… but that time I was too overwhelmed with joy to write anything:D)

Yes finally!! the much awaited and much bluffed about, election results are out. AAP (Aam Aadmi Party- common mens’ party) has won the elections under the leadership of its able hero Mr Arvind Kejriwal, who has actually worked on the fundamental issues like Education/Health/Women safety/housing for the poor/pollution reduction etc. whatever was under his control (because even after providing the status of full state to Delhi, and no more a union territory, it has no control of some basic things like Law and Order or say in other words is that Delhi Police is under the control of the Centre and that makes it worst for the state Government to work.

On the other hand there were two so called main national parties one of which was not even visible in the race but the other was bluffing about their win a lot and for the same reason the Shaheen Bagh issue was kept going longer so that people’s mind can be kept diverted towards the tiny issues and people and be kept involved with the boring Hindu Muslim divide and no more able to focus on the fundamental issues like that of Education/Health/poverty reduction/pollution reduction/infrastructure/Women safety/quick response to accidents etc on the basis of which the AAP has won these elections because the clever and educated people of Delhi have voted for the real issues and not the ones which aim to disturb the peaceful co-existence of the society.

Another thing AAP has brought up is less noticed that is the fact since AAP has won the first election in the Capital, sincere youngsters started showing interest in the political process. With its good works I want to say that AAP has no more remained just a party rather it has become and ideology, which can lead us to the real development at the ground and not as the two others who just want to win elections and nothing except blaming each other.

I can read as per the news paper reports and after listening from my Delhi based friends that these people have actually done their best to keep their promises and about the delay in many things I will say that everything takes some time when it is done for the first time and that too in the harsh circumstances in which AAP was working in its last term when they had to face many obstacles due to the powers vested in their Governor and some to correct the negative things first and then to make them corruption free and then to bring the positive changes needs far more time than the time needed for the positive works which would already have been under process. But the important part was that they were not making any excuses and they continued the fight and shown some progress.

Another thing I liked was that in the beginning every one is extra enthusiastic and novice and in therefore they are more prone to make mistakes and both the national parties were pulling legs of this party so that those who want to work also cannot work and in that cat and dog fight there appeared many differences within the party itself when its values were still being established and the vision was still taking shape.

But still it did not let the people’s expectations down and that is the most important factor that the value of vote was respected even after the elections were won with the full majority, unlike others. Also I liked that the team of AAP is young, well educated, argumentative and well mannered.

This win has opened many more aspects to be looked at, in the newly emerging Indian politics and it gives some ray of hope to us that not all of us are sleeping or do not want to see the truth and therefore I hope that the nation will be awake soon and will be able to understand the reality and will vote on the real issues to see the series of development.

Views are personal.


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