ज़ुल्म की इंतिहा: Heights of Social Discrimination

राजस्थान सरकार कब हर हफ्ते होने वाले ऐसे मुद्दों पैर आँख खोलेगी?
क्या हम समाज और प्रजातंत्र के रूप में असफल होते जा रहे हैं??

You can see this newspaper clip here, and those who can read Hindi must already be shocked by reading that. It is actually horrifying. What we are going through in the 21st century when on the one hand we are trying to reach to moon, on the other we are trying to kill our fellow citizens in ghastly way. It was 16th Feb, 20, when two cousins from the so called Dalit community were beaten up by the so called upper caste crowd, just because they were suspected to steal rs 100/-. There is no law which gives us the permission to take law in our hands and put petrol in private parts of a person even if they do any serious crime (if at all someone does that) but these inhuman creatures have done that here mere on suspicion that they have taken a hundred rupees note. This is not only illegal act rather also against the moral as well as human values.

What do you have to say and please think and share the possible causes behind such hatred prevailing in our society for the already marginalised and backward groups.

I have no words but still I want to think on such incidents which are frequently happening in our society because after this yet another similar incident took place in the nearby district Barmer (Rajasthan), which makes us think and revise our values, whether we carry them as a society or the narrow thinking has overruled them or I just want to ask myself and you all that why do we become rationale when anything happens to us and when anything like this happens then we just keep quiet and go without finding out the reasons behind this… what makes me more worried is that these all were not the old people they were all teenagers, then where the future of our nation is heading? what kind of education we are giving to our new generations that they do not hesitate in taking the law into their hands and satisfying their feeling of hatred??

Are we not failing as a society??

I feel that we are actually failing as a society and our great political leaders are adding fuel to the fire by spreading hatred, at present on the one hand there are mass killings going on in the name of religion, where again the teenagers are involved and on the other hand people are putting petrol in the private parts of a poor, so called, Dalit (it is not the right term to be used but using it as it is commonly prevailing to give the overall scenario of the situation prevailing in this failing society) person.

Police is also participating in making the situation even worse, as it is saying that they got to know about it three days later, whereas it was known in the entire Rajasthan on the same day :(. But the fact was that they were avoiding to file a case and arrest the culprits from the so called upper class people, due to whatsoever pressure on them or may be they are victim of the same poor thought process.

You can guess the wickedness of the fact that these culprits are not even afraid of law or anything else rather they are enjoying the brutality and making and spreading video themselves as if they are doing some act of bravery. I cannot imagine that who has washed their minds like this as if they do it for training the terrorists and after that humanity is nothing for them, they become emotionless. This is actually the sign of danger which we have been ignoring since long but now we will have to take it seriously otherwise these people will spread their thoughts in the entire society like poison and our nation may become a centre for such gruesome criminals and then it will be a havoc, already we are getting to read in news papers that even 2 years old of 5 months old kids are getting raped each day they do not care about the new born babies and every day there are killings in the name of religion and this is what is going in the name of caste. In this case they have not even stopped there rather they went to the family of these guys and asked for rs 5100/- as fine as well, can you even imaging that from where they are gathering this kind courage which has no fear of law or committing a sin.

The question remains that one it was not sure they have committed theft, and even if they have then who has given right to the culprits to punish them and take law in their hands???

Yet another question remains that from where and why this kind of dare they are getting, that they do not fear about the law at all and why the police is supporting them silently???

Why all these things are indicating that we are not only failing as a society rather failing as a democracy as well??

Why the Rajasthan Government is still sleeping and gave people freedom to repeat it again with the gap of just a week and it happened again near the city of CM of Rajasthan Mr Gahlot, why?? and what are they waiting for??


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