Nature is Beautiful

I love to be natural and connected with the nature and therefore I have lot of natural memories of the places I have visited, though it was no longer that I had my cell with camera or if I had I have lost one so not much memories are there which I can revisit through the pictures or can share with my readers but still I will try to do it.

It is really beautiful to see that how beautiful the nature around us is and find them talking to us every time we look at them 🙂

Nature and colors attract every one I believe and they attract me too since my childhood, I tried to play with colors a lot when I was a kid but then you suddenly become mature and forget everything. Now I want to revise everything again and I enjoy the colorful flowers the most.

See these colorful flowers have a lot to say to us and beautiful message too!! to live together without difference of caste or color!!

they are growing together rather than fighting or pulling each other back like humans.

जब इक रंग में हो जाये सौ रंग ज़ाहिर !!

This pic shows it that there are hundreds of shades of colors in just one color, just like humans have same features but different ideas and different ways to implement them.

This is the beauty of nature that everything is different but it still compliment and complete each other. Just like this photo with different shades of green and the above photo with different colors.


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