“The Teacher”: Mr Sultan Singh: An Inspiration -1

He is famous with the name “GURUJI” in the locality and villages nearby, the word means the teacher. He was born in a small village, named Basni, with no facilities in the name of development except one Govt School till Primary level. The pious day was June 30th, 1956. He was the 9th child of his parents in those days of poverty and illiteracy, but survived somehow. He has seen those days when he used to have only one dress in the name of proper dress, whether that was to be worn in school or in any of the functions at home. He had to go to school bare feet. But all these days were only lacking money and not the human values. As the values given to him from his parents are still there and he is transferring to his kids and grand-children now.

He served his parents till their last breath. He used to massage his father’s feet and lower legs every day and washed his cloths. His father passed away when he was just 11 or 12. But his mother lived like a queen, after their days of struggle were over, and even before that i will say because she was never disobeyed by any of her kids. Even till her last breath she had right to ask any of her kids or grand children to do anything for her. She never had any luxurious wishes (which might not be fulfilled by her kids) therefore she always got whatever she wanted. But I said like a queen because when you have a large family and kids have to go and live at the places they work then you cannot stay together all the times but if she wanted to go to see the other son even at night she just said and she was taken to. She had only problem of difficult hearing so they did not let her go alone. So the son of this mother was bound to be great.

Because of his honesty one of the famous teachers from the area Late Mr Sanwarmal “Bhaisaheb”, gave him admission in his private school at Laxmangarh, with this great teacher of him he got to know about the Banjara tribal families nearby is village. Whom he later settled down, in late 1970s, in his village near the railway station Laxmangarh and got them Governement documents for settlement in the year of 1991 and other needy things like Ration Cards to get grains or Voter Cards to have a say in the democratic process. He has been a great follower of the famous saint of this area Shradha Nath ji Maharaj from whom he developed the love for environment more (being son of a farmer he was already in love with nature and environment).

Somehow he could study. But he was brilliant with sports which gave him many medals too, had he got some exposure, he might have been the part of great history of Indian athletes but the nature wanted something else from him, I believe. But anyways due to being a great racer of his district he achieved selection in the Border Security Force of India. He was happy with the service and happily got married with the girl of his choice (even in those times as he had challenged the village that he will marry an educated and intelligent girl). His wife and her parents have always been a great support to him, since the day one of his marriage. Her name is Mrs Mohini Devi and she was the only girl student in her school that time and the best part is that she had topped her school with first division in 10th long back in 1970s, when it was actually hard to believe that a girl can even step into the school. (We will see her story in the next posts).

After their marriage he went back to the job in Jammu and Kashmir at the height of 8000 feet, where even if you take the boiling tea out of the pot at the burner, it has to be taken in one sip else it will be frozen, where every hour soldiers are woken up at night to know that they are alright and they are able to get enough oxygen. Even there he was enjoying his life but there too he learnt about any stories of the villages the fellow soldiers were coming and he found it all similar to his stories and this all always left him with a question that this is one life and if he could not do anything for the upliftment of his village now then his village will remain the same ans remembered the similar teachings of his Guru Saint Shradhanath Ji Maharaj, and when he came back to the village this time and again saw the same situation of his village, he started collecting donations for the up-gradation of his village school upto secondary and prepared all the documents for it. But meanwhile the vacations were over for him and time to go to the duty again. But, he was still worried about the issue of strengthening the roots of humanity with education and creating basic facilities for the villagers. All this was not letting him live with peace, therefore he had a discussion with his seniors and reached to the conclusion that as per the rules he will leave the job and then he can start doing the things he want to do in his villages. All formalities were completed by the department with due process and he came back.

His wife was already studying, none of them were earning, mother was getting older, brothers have already separated him after marriage, villagers were all looking down upon his decision. Now the only person to support him was his Father -in -Law, who was though not happy with his decision but wanted him to get some job to stand up n his feet and then start the work here, otherwise he will be opposed by the village then he cannot be able to do anything for them, howsoever good it my be. He understood that and gone to Amrawati, Maharashtra, as there were some good opportunities available for sports-persons in those days. He somehow got admission in the Amrawati University under sports quota and studied hard, many times he had to study under the street lights but he never complained. He was the Best Racer (Athlete) of those times. Ranked no.1 in Maharashtra and No. 2 in India, was preparing for ASIAD 1982, this time but unfortunately got his leg fractured and the dream remained a dream. But, there was none to listen to his complaint this time and no other way was left this time but to totally focus on studies. Therefore he just got lost into his studies and came up with flying colors, by winning the Gold Medal and being the University Topper.

I believe that his life is the perfect example for many today, that there is no need to die because of poverty or misfortune. A child who went to school barefeet, lost his father at the early age and passed his secondary school with third grade but still he was strong enough to challenge the entire village to get a topper wife that too of his choice. And when he got married in 1978, he declined to take dowry and asked his wife not to keep veil. He dared to win against social evils and he won, because Nature helps those who trust themselves and work hard. And he did not stop there he left his job, and gone to University, fallen again when broken leg washed away his dream to be a top athlete, but still got up and topped the University.

This is just the beginning my friends and after this he is unstoppable till this date, trust me though the newspapers have not given him the space and rather than trying for awards and wasting his time roaming around politicians for that (this is the sad truth in India 😦 ) he chose to put his energy and time for his work, you will find his work amazing and more than many famous people around you, I salute him more because he is not working for show off, I request you to read about him more in the next posts and spread his story to help him for his dream hospital in his Village. The story continues in the next post…


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