Saint Kabir- 2

चलती चक्की देख के, दिया कबीरा रोय।
दुइ पट भीतर आइके, साबित गया न कोय।।


चलती चक्की देखकर, दिया कबीरा रोय। 

दुइ पाटन के बीच में , साबुत बचा ना कोय ॥

It says that Kabira started crying while looking at the running flour mill

As there was no grain left un-crushed after coming between the two stones

this is the same way Kabira says that once you are in this world and you are caught in the worldly affairs then they will lead you if you do not keep a safe distance from the same. Therefore rather than loosing your life like that just be distant and understand things and do not be part of the rat race.

यह तो घर है प्रेम का, खाला का घर नाहिं।
सीस उतारे भुइ धरे, तब घर पैठे माहिं।।

This is the place of love, not a place of your relative where you will go with some attitide and you will be welcomed, If you really want to be loved here and be one with God then, you need not go through hard core tactics, rather just cut your head on the ground (means keep your attitude/pride/ego aside) and then you have all the opportunity to understand the divine logic. It is really simple but yet really hard for many.

सांई ते सब होत है, बन्दे से कुछ नाहिं।
राई से पर्वत करे, पर्वत राई माँहि।।

It is all the super power which makes things happen the way they are, it is beyond the control of humans, it can make a seed turn into a huge tree and can turn a really big mountain into small pieces, with its power.

Therefore, he says that we really need to live our life in a natural way, rather than keeping lust to have anything in access or should avoid thinking bad about anyone. The nature is there to support and punish each of us.

जल में बसै कमोदनी, चन्दा बसै अकास।
जो है जाको भावता, सो ताही के पास।।

The flower of Kamodini remains in water and the Moon remains in the sky

But those who love each other are always near to each other

He says that f you love your lord or anyone the physical distance never matter rather you are always happy to find them within your heart every moment.

जब मैं था तब गुरू नहीं, अब गुरू हैं मैं नाहिं।
प्रेम गली अति सांकरी, तामें दो न समांहि।।

When I was there Guru (the teacher) was not there, When Guru is there, I am not there

The place of love is really narrow, where two of us cannot stay together

Here he shows the importance of Guru, saying that when I was thinking of myself and was not having any teacher, I had no knowledge and was a fool, but once I got a teacher to show me the right path, my ego is all gone and now I have every thing under the sky and I am just full of love. Also, that when you have a Guru you cannot have false pride therefore, Guru is necessary part of life, his presence makes you feel that there is someone to guide you and you be in discipline.

साधू भूखा भाव का, धन का भूखा नाहिं।
धन का भूखा जो फिरै, सो तो साधू नाहिं।।

Saint souls are always hungry of love, and not of wealth

Those who are hungry of worldly things or wealth are not Saints

He says that the pious soul is the one which is away from the worldly attractions, and if any physical thing still attracts them then they are not pure/ not a Saint.


  1. Vaguely remember the Doha from my or maybe it’s my daughter’s school time as , seems a slight variance, meaning remains same though
    चलती चक्की देखकर, दिया कबीरा रोय। 
    दुइ पाटन के बीच में , साबुत बचा ना कोय ॥
    Maybe you can check and correct if needed.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hmm you are right … but it has been written or said in different languages/words of north India with same meaning. Though as per your suggestion I am putting it as well.
      Thank you so very much for being there Sir!!


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