मत कर माया कोअभिमान

About this song I wanna say something that some say it was give by Saint Kabir and the song at its last lines says that it was written by Bhawani Nath who comes from Nath cult… but there is one thing for sure that both give importance to the teacher and another thing is that many of the Kabira things are in name of those who wrote them, since he had never written anything he just said and centuries later they were penned down. Please do not get disheartened. We have had a great Saint from Nath Cult at our place Late Shradhanath Ji Maharaj in Sikar, Rajasthan and he used to say at times many things about Kabir, and sing his songs so having similar way of life may be things have mixed up, but this matches to the Kabira thought and what we were taught in our school, as part of Hindi Laanguage Syllabus, this song matches to the same so I believe it from Kabira and therefore taking his name here.

You can see the literal meaning given here on the other side of the picture.

in hindi it is as follows

मत कर माया को अहंकार, मत कर माया कोअभिमान
कायागार से काची
कायागार से काची जैसे औस रा मोती
झोंका पवन का लग जाये, झपका पवन का लग जाये
काया धूल हो जासी

ऐसा सख्त था महाराज, जिसका मुल्को में राज
जिन घर झूलता हाथी, जैसे औस रा मोती

भरिया सिंधरा में तेल,ज्या से रच्यो है सब खेल
जल रही दिया की बाती, जैसे औस रा मोती

खोट्यो सिंधरा रो तेल, बिखर गया सब खेल
बुझ गयी दिया की बाटी, जैसे औस रा मोती

झूठा माई थारो बाप, झूठा सकल परिवार
झूठ कूटता छाती, जैसे औस रा मोती

लाल में क्या लाल, तेरा कोण क्या हवाल
जिनको जम ले जासी, जैसे औस रा मोती

बोल्या भवानी हो नाथ, गुरूजी ने सर पर धारिया हाथ
जिससे मुक्ति हो जैसी, जैसे औस रा मोती

Here, as per my understanding, Kabira wants to communicate that Do not take pride of physical possessions nor have ego, it is all like a drop of dew. One day a gust of wind will come and it will all turn into dust, your body will not be kept by anyone, it will be either burnt or buried, and all your accumulated wealth will never go with you and your ego will have no existence any more, rather it would be better if you had no ego and helped others like a good human, you will be able to live long in the memories of people.

Even the toughest or greatest kings had to go one day, who used to rule many countries once and never stepped down of the elephant, and had everything on one call, but ultimately they had to go bare handed like any other living being.

The clay lamp was filled with oil means this human body which is made of the same dust in which it is bound to go back after the oil is burnt. The Bati here I understand is the mind and soul in the body was given to us by the nature and it is all, around us, is the game of that mind, our mind is the one which binds us with the worldly affairs or it can unite us with the supreme soul, the light of the universe.

Once the lamp is broken or the oil is over, the light is gone then game is also over. So till the time we are alive the game will continue and later it will all be the same, dust will again mix with dust, no point of ego.

All your family relations and relatives are fake, all your emotions are just part of the worldly affairs and why do you cry when any of them is gone. It is the ultimate truth, we are all bound to go one day. Just do your work and do not get attached.

who is son of yours or who is relative of yours, all will remain here and you will be taken away one day by the lord of death. None is going to be here forever.

Bhawani Nath writes that Kabira said that he had his teacher’s hand on his head and with his blessings he had lived a great life like a Saint and now he has noting to look back to this world and he can rest in peace.

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