Saint Kabir-5

साधु सीप समुद्र के, सतगुरू स्वाती बुन्द।
तृषा गई एक बुन्द से, क्या ले करो समुन्द।।

Saint is like pearls in the sea and True teacher is like a drop of Amrit (a liquid which is said to give an endless life)

thirst is gone with that one drop of Amrit, then what for you need the entire ocean

means the true teacher is that valuable that once you have him with you, you do not need anything under the sky

गुरू कुम्हार शिष कुंभ है, गढि़ गढि़ काढ़ै खोट।
अन्तर हाथ सहार दै, बाहर बाहै चोट।।

Guru/ teacher is like a Potter and Pupil is like a Pot, teacher hurts pupil to make him better person and more disciplined

He gives support from inside and from outside he tries to e harder and try to punish if they do not follow the instructions

Means Guru always does the best for us even if he is being tough to us, he is taking care of us at the same time.

मांग गये सो मर रहे, मरै जु मांगन जांहि।
तिनतैं पहले वे मरे, होत करत है नाहिं।।

If you go for begging you are already dead, and those whose souls are dead only go for begging

but before then those are dead who decline to support them by giving something, even when they actually can do so

So if someone is begging for help that is really hard for that person, and if yiu can help please help because otherwise you are in the worse position than them

बिरछा कबहुं न फल भखै, नदी न अंचवै नीर।
परमारथ के कारने, साधु धरा शरीर।।

Trees never eat their fruits, River never drinks its water

Likewise the Saint has got this body for the welfare of others and not to please himself

तिमिर गया रवि देखते, कुमति गयी गुरू ज्ञान।
सुमति गयी अति लोभते, भक्ति गयी अभिमान।।

The same way as night goes while waiting for the Sun, bad thoughts goes away after listening to the true Teacher’s knowledge

If you become greedy then your intelligence is gone and if you have ego then your worship is gone

भक्तन की यह रीति है, बंधे करे जो भाव।
परमारथ के कारने, यह तन रहो कि जाव।।

This is the way of patriots, they control their senses which connect them with the world

If you are involved in good works or service of others then it doesn’t matter whether this body goes or remains

दीपक सुन्दर देखि करि, जरि जरि मरे पतंग।
बढ़ी लहर जो विषय की, जरत न मारै अंग।।

When the insects see the beautiful lamp burning they go to it and succumb to it

Same ways if the person gets into the lust for accumulation of things or worldly attractions then that is gone, his life is wasted

कबीर हरि के रूठते, गुरू के शरणै जाय।
कहै कबीर गुरू रूठते, हरि नहि होत सहाय।।

Kabir says that if God is angry with you you can always go to the Guru/Teacher and he will show you the right path but

if the teacher is only angry, then you have no where to go, even God will not come for your rescue.

therefore respect and try to follow your teacher to make the life meaningful

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