Fights because of Corona :o

Corona has really been proved fatal to those who have suffered with its attack but it is also able to spoil many other lives, like in this family. She was listening the news about Corona when her husband came from office, she told her and he said yes he also had read about it. She had a call from her relatives staying in this new city, who told her to bring food stuff and store for a month or so, she told the same to Mr H. But as usual H was to decline Mrs W’s offer. So he did and said all that is a rumor and Corona is not going to have any long term impact, but winters are still going on and also it was in news that many big shops and supermarkets were going out of some food stock in some areas of the city. But, she was having only a little amount of money and H has declined to give her any more, if she still wants to spend it like this then its okay for him but he will not support her so early. And he in fact wanted her to leave this place. But she managed to earn and stay so that their parents do not know about the shitty stuff going on there, as they are really old and they may get a shock. Anyways days passed by.

Almost two weeks later H found W’s predictions were correct and his neighbours and friends also suggested him to bring the stock and to have cleanliness. Today he was also telling his brothers back home to ask everyone stay at home, not to talk to people while standing or sitting closer to them, asking father to not to visit his friends, and stopping the building construction in the market for a month or so, so that they need not visit the site and be there among the crowd every day. He was also suggesting his brother that if any of his relatives come from outside ask them to stay in the outside room only and not to enter into the home, so that family members staying here are not under threat. H asked his brother to guide everyone how to use sanitizer and keep washing hands, not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose too much and to keep the outside cloths separately and to eat citric fruits. It was really good actually to keep the virus away.

Her wife was happy that her husband knows all this and accepts this all, because day before when she advised him the same he got angry and said none of this is going to work. So she was worried, mainly because while going out also he was not taking his hands away from his mouth, nose and eyes, he has this habit and his wife asks him not to do it consciously, whenever she finds him doing that, if he can take care of this at home, then he will take care outside too, otherwise he has more chances of forgetting it outside, but male ego comes in and he doesn’t listen to her.

Today he again traveled through bus, and she requested him to first wash hands just after coming home, and change cloths before sitting on the bed directly, but if the male ego still comes in and people cannot even accept the right thing, then how can corona or any other such problem stay away from them??

Corona is actually not that bad, it is simple viral like fever but we need to have strong protactive power to fight against it, if we keep touching our face and eyes with dirty hands, not wash hands after sneezing on them, or keep coughing on someone’s face, then we will fall ill and be prone to welcome many such health issues and will take along our dear ones, near us, as well.

In such things your ego will not protect you, rather the right advise will, but his male ego came in and therefore he did not bother about W’s request and now suffering with strong cough and heavy fever, and now W has also started coughing, what will he gain from this ego?? Nothing but the ill health and caused pain to wife by bringing unnecessary distance in the relationship.

So please keep the ego aside and keep things, hands and cloths clean, love and listen to your dear ones. Care for each other, stay safe and protect yourself as well as others.


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