Rocky : My Love

Rocky!! Yes she is the love of my life, only thing is that she cannot talk to me in words, but her eyes and body language tells everything, also she understands everything what I have to say. We will talk about her more in the coming paragraphs of this post. But before that there is some other flashback I want to share 🙂 Then we will meet my love Rocky.

Well!! I must tell you, that this is the story of Puppies/dogs in my life. I am always afraid of the dogs in other streets and they have barked on me like hell, but the dogs in my street were always sweet. So it is both bitter and sweet relationship I had with dogs.

I loved street dogs, cared for them, it was a routine for almost a decade for me, as per my father’s decision, that every night it was his duty and every afternoon, after school, it was my duty to feed the puppies in the street, for four months almost every year they used to drink milk with the help of milk bottle for babies, and for the rest of the time they used to eat chapaties(roti). I loved to feed them, care for them and play with them. They loved and care for me too. Once incident I remember that I went for a Scout/Guide camp for a week and my favourite street dog named Chameli, which was wet with mud that time, straight away jumped on me 😛 to ask where was I for so long? She cared for all the people in the street, but she got angry with me only, and that wast the day when she was a puppy and I came late from school, and she started barking on me like anything because her milk time was missed :(, and somehow I managed to enter into the house from back gate and served her food from window but she did not eat that day and she kept me locked in the house till my father came and feed her :D. She was really disciplined and I am fan of her because she followed what she had promised. I remember the neighbours in front of us had a backyard in which she used to give birth to puppies and we used to feed her, so she had special affection with these two families, than rest of the houses in the street. And I remember further that when our these neighbours were getting their house repaired, their room doors were taken out and only the front main gate they could close, which was without handle so they could not lock it, but they used to ask Chameli to take care of it and it was so unbelievable to see that till the time Aunty is back (she used to go out for cooking at some place for two-three hours), she never let anyone enter even the main-gate. Everyone trusted Chameli after that. And this was her routine for almost 12-15 days, not a one day story. So I am a great fan of dogs.

But the other side of the story is that I never liked dogs at home, before Rockey came into my life. Though I still believe that we must not kiss dogs and if we play with them we must wash our hands, since they have different saliva and bacteria which may cause harm to us. But I love to stay with Rocky under the same roof.

Friends you may also have similar stories but I just wanna share the story of Rocky here, because I am a big fan of her. She is a special soul and I am lucky to have her. When she was born in last May 8th, her Mother ‘Sapna’ gave birth to 6 puppies. Her mother was a German Shepherd dog, but these puppies are cross. Rocky was the smallest of all and her color was also not like her mother and the five others were really beautiful and attractive as they have the orangish yellow and black combination like their mother and they were healthier like small pandas. But she was the last born and weak as well. I had the duty to feed them when Baba was out. She was also a bit slow than others in eating but I found her more sensible than her siblings. I found that she had many things common with her mother. Others were careless, but she was trying to be as active as she could be with her less weight and less energy. I do not know why but she attracted me the most.

Anyways people have already asked Baba that this time they will buy Sapna’s kids, but Baba made it clear that he didn’t want to sale rather he just want to give it to those who can love them and care for them and can return safely rather than kicking them out, if they, someday, decide not to be with them anymore. But since their eyes were not open as yet they were not given to anyone.

All of a sudden on this unfaithful day, Sapna was not eating anything since morning, and she was not feeling well, I have made Halwa, as always since last one week, for her but that time she was not there. And when I realised that she is back and took her Halwa, I found her eating the poison, which I had to keep for big rates from outside, which I kept hidden from her, under a heavy pot where only rates can enter, but some labourers, by mistake, removed it and Sapna could easily get it, without my knowledge 😥 that was the worst day of my life, before I could see it all, she had already finished it and I just served her what I prepared for her, she ate little bit of that was the end of it. She was gone by the next morning, and I could understand the story only when I saw the torn paper near her. That was the worst day of my life to loose a lovely soul like this :'(. No amount of regret could get her back for her kids and that day I decided two things- no to put poison for any living being ever and to step-in to give these kids a home for sure, though can never give them a mother in life. That day I saw another thing that other five of Rocky’s siblings were also crying for mum till noon but only nearby. But She wen to search her mother, a long way (while her eyes were yet to open, and she kept searching for her till the next week). This was too touchy to loose her at any cost. Now people who wanted the puppies came and took the other five, but none wanted her since she was week and not attractive, but I wanted her only, because she was totally understanding like her mother.

This is my lovely lady, trying to be naughty.

Then she grows up and she became a bit stronger, now she is bold enough to threaten me. And ofcourse she has the freedom to do everything she wants.

And when she makes mistake, or does mischief, she knows it is going to be a good scolding (none has the right to beat her for sure). But she doesn’t even like scolding, therefore to avoid it, she hid herself here behind this stone 😉

If she has not done anything by now, and she is here, then you can be sure that her naughty mind is creating some beautiful plans to surprise you, get ready boss 😀

When she is tired, this lap is her favourite place to rest in. Or goes and hides in my room.

She has all eyes on you, and you can be surprised or fooled by her next move. ❤ She will not let you sit down, play with her now.

If you are in no mood to play, she has all mood to fight with you.

As if she is trying to talk on phone. She takes my heart away with new things every time. Bless her. ❤ ❤

Now, since I am away from her, I try to talk to her on phone, listening my voice and trying to figure out where am I?? Now when those people, who took the other puppies, come they wonder how healthy and disciplined she has become. She obeys Baba’s instructions like an obedient student. She was taken good care of, so she is healthy and active like her mother, she plays all the games her mother used to play, I wish her mother could watch her and be proud of her. She has replaced me in the family after I went to in-laws place, she is the one who gets the communication on and keeps engaged everyone. Long live Rocky!! Love you more and more every day my Love!! ❤


  1. Awww… Rachana, you have a good soul. One more thing we have in common. I love dogs as well. I adopted a stray and we have been together for 10 years until old age took him from me. He was a very smart dog. And I miss him very much.

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