बशीर भद्र साहब की पंक्तियाँ Some Lines by Bashir Badr Sahab

Life and relations– (my favourite)–

You are free to follow harsh enmity, but there should be some scope

Whenever you become friends again, you do not have to be ashamed

Lips just kept sighing for a smile

my boat kept waiting for a passanger

The Moon and stars were all my soulmates

Life was a night and night remained dark

Straight forward–

Do not try to mix up the show off of friendship in the love

If you do not want to hug, do not even shake hands


I am still a stranger here, till now because

Everyone here is an angel, I am just a human being

Whether it is Delhi or Lahore

There is no difference

Try to speak the truth

that you will remain the same in every city

Affirmative attitude

We are also rivers, we know our talent

The side we will take, it will become the way

He says while praising the beauty of his beloved that–

When my eyes saw the Moon speaking for the first time

What would I have replied, I was lost in the questions

Talking about hope after a break–

Do not make me sad while telling the stories of Autumn

Tell me the address of new seasons, what is gone is gone


  1. Badr once said: “We live in a gloomy world, what a terrifying nightmare” and today that phrase is very valid with what is happening with the virus in the world. Some of his poems, like “Darkness”, I really liked: “When the light set aside / that throws the bonfire / the darkness on your face / …”Life and relations” , which is your favorite, I had not read. I think it’s also great. Too bad he now suffers from mild dementia, but remains a benchmark for Hindu poetry.
    Greetings rachana

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    1. Thank you sooooo very much Sir, You have described him very well… he has been a rocking personality throughout his life, Truely a benchmark, no doubts, and yet so simple at heart. Very kind person he is. Yes, it is sad to learn that he is into trouble now.
      Badr Sahb is a pearl and precious, his words will keep guiding the generations to come…. all the pieces of writings you have mentioned are really really great… though I love his poems and tried to translate but they are not perfect translations.
      But thank you so very much for your time and kind appreciation.
      Thank you once again
      And Salute to Bashir Sahab

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      1. He is a very peculiar poet. Of a casual personality but with a keen sense of reality. His talent is recognized even in politics and I like to read it because I learn from his poems. Thank you for bringing it to my memory.

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