Dark clouds calling you!!

She went to her in-laws’ place today. Why? what was new thing in this? Everyone goes and comes. Right??

This is what you must be thinking. But for her it was really new thing because she was happy after so long, because her husband had called her yesterday and told that he is coming back to India and already in flight from Muscat and will meet her today, this was first time after her marriage when she was meeting him after almost an year.

She was eagerly waiting for him but now it was also a matter of tension as all of a sudden heavy winds started blowing and the whether got really really bad. She was happy but concerned as well because it was a long way even after landing at Delhi, it was already the time when he said he will reach and his call was also not getting connected now, because there was no local Sim.

She had no other way except to pray, and keep waiting. She was doing the same and even though strong winds were blowing with the dust, she was just standing at the roof, we were all calling her down but she was not ready to do that, she was just trying to get a sight of him from the distance, as she can see the long way from roof. Anyways, we were all getting tensed now, one after looking at her and two because he was really getting late and he had no contact with any of us.

But anyways, now finally his brother received him from the roadways coming from Delhi, and called her that now they will reach in the next two hours. But she was still there at the roof only.

Amazingly, the winds stopped and the dust started coming down with the small showers from the skis. And she had t come down. But after some time it all became dark, no rains were there and the winds started blowing again, though not fast this time.

I do not really know what was going into her mind but I am trying to guess that how she might be feeling. But she just went up at the roof again, because she just want to see him first of all.

Now I just went to see her, this was what it all was looking like as shown in the picture, and she was just looking at the clouds and another second towards the way. As if she was telling him that see, these dark clouds are calling you, come fast and see me, I am eager to see you under these clouds and want them to witness our pious love.


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