Neeraj on Life these days!!

As shown in the picture he talks about the temporary nature of the life and says

Tonight I want to write you the last letter also

None knows whether this lamp will light till morning or not

There is no surety in these times of Bomb and Guns

Whether this colorful wind will blow again or not!!

This life is mere prey of Tanks or Missiles

And the human is just the a frame of Bullet

This civilization is just exhibition of wandering corpses

And the blood is like the new color of new Holi!!

(Holi is the festival of colors in India).

Photo: from internet

Translation : Rachana Dhaka


        1. thank you so very much love… Me too missed you a lot but my computer fallen sick and I couldn’t access my blog and couldn’t fix it bcoz market was closed 🤐😢 love you forever ♥


          1. Funny thing. Your answer doesn’t show in your blog post. Anyhow, I’m so, so glad everything is OK! ❤️ So it was a simple explanation after all. 🙂 Whew!


        2. Thank you so much sister… Love you forever… Yeah I’m fine… Hope you are safe too… Just my computer got sick and couldn’t get shops open due to lock down so was the problem 😢🤐


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