Kids give you energy!!

They are my nephew and niece… When they start telling stories or about their daily routine even, it is so much fun the way they say it. I love all the kids in my family and there are many more than 50 I believe (including my extended family and in laws), but telling here about them Because they tell me most of the stories 😄.

One is crazy about cars and asks me to send pics of different sports cars I seein London and I try to do that 🤣, even though I don’t know even ABC of cars, I try to listen to him and then find out online and then talk to him 🙄 .

But all this is to get loved by the kids in the family as I find them my best pals.

Another one is mad after books and here too I’m not doing great as I love too read books but rarely finish any 🤐 therefore, cannot tell her much about it but I just love to hear her voice as she is really creative and artistic even while telling about homework 🤣.

if you listen to her, you cannot stop laughing, I’m sure.

So friends,

this post is just a message from my experience that if you have kids as your friends, tensions can never touch you.

Also, we have a lot to learn from kids, though they are young in age but they use more natural way to complete any task and therefore they are more natural and creative.

Life is beautiful when kids are part of your life, trust me.


  1. Yes, life is more beautiful with kids around. They are always a joy. Your nephew and niece are sweet. I’m not much into cars, but I love your niece’s passion for books. I’m a keen reader myself. 🙂

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