Why International Day for a Girl Child??

Today is the day for Girls. But please ask yourself, why it is getting celebrated? A few days ago there was Daughter’s Day, in January the National Girl child day for Indians is going to come.

I don’t understand the point when we are so much aware that we need to bring these days to spread awareness about Girl’s rights and to consider them Humans and treat equally. Then why not the crime rate against them is dropping down??

On October 11th, 2012 the first International Girl Child Day was celebrated and if we have a look at the offense list, it’s shocking to learn that the crime rate has increased against them.

As per UNWomen records only in the year 2017 more than 87000 Women were killed globally; this is the situation when we know that actual data from some countries like India is not really available, because there are many crimes against women like getting abused or beaten up or torture or provoking her for suicide (since divorces or reporting against the family members are not culturally accepted) etc are not usually considered as offensive unless they come under the eyes of law enforcement agencies and then too there is no guarantee to report them since the police is also influenced by the social norms.

The indigenous communities of India have better practices towards equality of gender rather than the so called elite, educated or mainstream law abiding societies, and they don’t need any days to show their women’s importance or existence we must learn from them.

The day all humans are treated equally on all the 365 days a year, then only changes will come, therefore i feel rather than keeping a day like this we need to keep a whole year for women and during that awareness for the cause shall be spread for sure but we should also have a provision where families from each village shall be awarded for showing the best progress of females in their family at the subdivisional level. And 10 of them shall be awarded at the national level. The criteria for the award must be that they are living in villages (since city dwellers are already educating girls and know about their rights), all their daughters and daughter in laws are highly educated and veil free, they are able to laugh or speak up when they want and are given due response. Response I said here is because in many families They are not considered as part of the family hence no part in the decision making and not considered worth any response to their queries.

Things will get better only when we make policies which have the potential to trickle down to the bottom level, otherwise being a brand ambassador for the Save and educate the girl child scheme (Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan) I know whatever efforts we put were beyond the provisions on paper and that too depending on the whims and fancies of the officer in charge. But still most of the things were on paper only, and despite the decade old flagship scheme we have a large number of female foeticite rather increase in number of unreported infenticite cases. Also, the rapes are rarely done without danger to the victims’ life. Gross blackmailing goes to hide the sexual harassment or emotional torture cases, forcing girls to hide such incidents at both paternal or in-laws’ family, just to save their flawed ego or family honor (which seems to be a psychological problem at the social level).

Another thing we have in mind is we can tolerate a blood relative’s abuse too but cannot accept a wife speaking, just in name of family unity. Why these double standards? We need to understand the marital relations as well as need to stop our own blood relatives if they are wrong.

Also in the name of social traditions or kinship practices we do not want to tweak and with the awareness they are finding brutal ways to hide their crimes and are getting more rigid.

That means there’s a problem also in the way we are spreading awareness, which needs to be changed again.


      1. Yes, a sad truth. Don’t know how many more generation will witness the same. Probably, all our efforts and community work will bring some positive results.
        It’s all happening because of lack of values and wrong education that fails to teach basic values like love and respect

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        1. True and the first present generation educated elites I’ve seen, some of them are disasters even after getting high education as they are confused and scared to come out of the age old social norms and also want to compete with the new generation 😑

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