Childhood under threat??

Parents these days have found an easy way to get things done by children as they want by luring them with permission to spend time with mobile or internet.

Exploring internet is good for knowledge or for entertainment at times but it should not be all the time that children get affected to it and gradually when they are so used to it they start misusing it and one day comes when all this starts misusing them in turn and abusing their peace and unfortunately most of the times they are not even able to understand or accept the fact that they are facing certain behaviors or health issues because of this habit of theirs.

Therefore friends,

be cautious and think thousand times before making your kids obey you to May be go to school easily or eat food or let you have your personal time etc. Even many news reports say that this has been one of the reasons for many break ups in relations or stress in families.

#Envision2030 #mobile #childhood


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