Menstruation and ring finger

Menstruation is sign of health and responsible for new life. It is really important that this is quite on time and in proper way.

You might be calling me crazy but it’s really important to know, especially for those girls who bear lot of pain during #monthly_cycle or #periods or menstruation.


Because there is a strong relationship between the two, your periods can be regulated with your 💍 finger. With the help of accupressure therapy.


*Though it must not be misused or done in access otherwise may be proved fatal to your health*

So be cautious but for normal ups and downs you may apply this way.

if you are getting heavy flow you can make it less by pressing your ring fingers from nail and going till the end bottom (as if you are putting a ring on) and if your periods are delayed then you can bring them on time by pressing you ring finger from bottom to the nail (as if you are taking the ring out of the finger).

30-40 times a day helps please don’t do it more or don’t try it before your period time that may harm you adversely.

And my lovely #girls trust me you can say no to the painkillers during periods.😉😊👍


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