13 Mindset skills to be a leader

We can observe these things from our daily life examples. The only need is to explore within and seek advise from your ideal and favorite person that is you yourself. have a growth mindset with the following skills and you are a leader for sure.

1.To be a leader you first need to be honest and transperant – have a look around and see with whom you would like to work or not. The first thing you see is that the person is honest with you, you will be happy to follow him/her. Also the transperancy motivates you to give your hundred percent.

2. Aim to win and work towards it. Wait and ask yourself if you don’t think or set a goal, can you walk towards that or work in that direction? No!! Right. So do that. First think like a winner, visualise it, then see what strengths or weaknesses you have and make a team to overcome the problems beyond your reach.

3. Have courage and enthusiasm. Which you can have only after you visualize your success. None else is gonna do that for you.

4. Be self aware – this is most important to take calculated risks which you can handle. It’s okay to lack some skills but not okay to be not knowing them. None is perfect and this is how a team works. You just need to know the loopholes and what to do about that. Also once you know your strengths better you are capable of moulding most of the things towards that and get them done, this is what leaders do. There are people who loose their temper once things seem to go beyond their control but if you are self aware you won’t do that, rather will question that – how would they react in the situation or what people want to listen ? Like our PM Me. Modi does and manages people to follow him. (I’m here talking about his speaking qualities which has made millions to follow him, and we can learn a lot from his this skill) (what he does is not being discussed here).

So check your personal style, interpersonal and technical skills to be aware of them.

5. Be Positive – what has happened just take that as a lesson and not as a burden to be carried on your head. Problems are not to be ignored but possibilities through them need to be focused. Take control of things and create options through your creativity while focusing on action. Not sit and regret rather think of how to correct and way forward and gain momentum. Forget who messed up think of whose help you can seek and how. Be accountable and avoid the blame.

And the most important of all here is that motivate people as much as possible, of course correct them if on the wrong way but never make them look down upon themselves. Because everyone is unique and important in its own way.

6. Accountability – this is one thing that is most abused. People keep on blaming their parents, spouses, colleagues or the team members and especially subordinates. But wait and reflect over it, has you really wished to do something the other way, would you do it this way?? No, you won’t. It may be possible at times that a male partner forces female to do a particular thing or circumstances forces a male to go for anything to manage family in a hardcore patriarchal society. But if you really feel something otherwise you still won’t do that. Because if you really wanna control your destiny you have to be accountable for it. You have to be responsible for whatever good or bad happened to you and even for your feelings.

Visualise a situation where your boss is angry and frustrated and the environment is tensed, you really don’t wanna interact rather wanna run away but when the boss is cool, motivating and action focused then you would also like to be responsible for mistakes you made and will try to perform better as a team. This way your mood will also impact your colleagues and if you go the second way it’ll give a peace of mind to all and better work environment where transperancy and creativity both will flourish.

7. Be a dreamer – this is absolutely necessary, unless you aspire to be better how will you work in want of direction. If you trust yourself then only the world will trust you later. Along with dreaming you need to realize that the big the dream is the harder you need to try.

Ask yourself where you want to be in the next 10 years and therefore where you should be in next two years?

Then have a look inside and think in the present circumstances and with present day skills how far you can achieve the goal?

If yes you have sufficient skills and experiences! Fair enough go ahead. But if not sufficient then see what you need time or skills of experience or risks and how will you prepare for that?

What different you need to do or which direction you need to turn, decide it carefully and give it a kick.

8. Have patience – yes you need to be positive and have courage and dream but it may takedacades to get the overnight success. So remember it and keep going. Learn from failure but don’t leave your journey half way. It may take time to learn new skills and adopt things a different way so have patience, it’s the most required skill but it doesn’t mean that you stop working or keep waiting, the journey must go on.

9. Courage to take risks – it’s not something you have by birth, you can learn it well. And it must be accompanied with patience because you need to go up and learn it gradually small steps always help and needed to take a big leap. Don’t be over courageous or confident to premature demise. As when you learn how to overcome smaller risk you can take larger ones as a routine but not in one go.

You need to come out of the comfort zone gradually if you come in one go then more uncomfortable and no adjustments which will fail and demoralize you.

So see where you want to push your self in next one decade then calculate the see what proportion you need to cover in a month and keep a check next month how much you learnt and accordingly you can decide your pace.

10. Be flexible – being flexible means you can easily adjust different circumstances or are adaptable. For this first prepare yourself mentally, then work hard then motivate people and delegate your responsibility then influence people to do things your way even without controlling them and finally go ahead with your strategic vision and excellent skills. Keep learning and growing together.

11. Unlearn – to be flexible and remain positive with patience you need to unlearn things already set in your mind or system. Because for learning you first need to be a clean slate. Otherwise the earlier misunderstanding will never let you understand.

12. Manage your stress – as you know no gain without pain. So no need to be panic. First think whether something is under your control, yes! Well go ahead and do it. If no! Forget it as you have nothing to do, it’ll go it’s own way.

Second, learn to switch off. With clear goals you can do it better when you know what is your target for the day. Also don’t mix home and work. You need to relax. As they do in Japan, it’s true that regular breaks improve your productivity.

Why to take all load on your head, once you know yourself better you can have a better team which can complete you and the team makes you stress free with opportunity to delegate.

Last but not the least, remember that the world will not end if you don’t do something, it was there before you and will be there after you too but that doesn’t mean you need not work at all rather just prioritize your goals and act accordingly don’t think that you’ll do everything under the sky coz everyone has limits understand them well and be stress free. Do as much you can and enjoy your life too to be recharged.

13. Practice to be lucky – luck can be learned. If you keep practicing it’ll gradually turn into luck. first know what you want then practice hard to achieve it with positive outlook.

The fact about luck is – it is what you feel or see. If focus on wrongs, you’ll feel low and if focus on blessings you’ll feel lucky. Basically it’s your choice to be lucky.

*photo credit – internet

* Views are personal


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