US elections result means??

O just wanna know my great readers’ opinions here. Because I’m really confused to reflect upon on the one hand I am happy to see no more trump to rule but it seems US had no option 🤔 (I may be right to wrong but it seems a situation like India). How useful Biden is gonna be for the world peace, and democracy at large; the time will only tell. Also the gap of 6 seats, how will that be played🤔

Please share what do you say.


  1. हमने तो लिख दिया था पहले
    को जीतेगा वहाँ
    सत्य साबित हुआ धरा
    जो हमने कहा था वहाँ।।

    We had written earlier
    Will win there
    Proved to be true
    What we said there.

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  2. Another thing I’m really looking forward to is the cabinet he will assemble. A lot of positions in the government now are staffed by people who are either using their position to make money or who actively are against what they’re meant to protect. (e.g. the person in charge of the environmental protection agency comes from the coal industry). We should also see more transparency with the press and almost certainly *not* the revolving door of staff being appointed then fired when they didn’t agree with the president. I also expect a huge reduction in ridiculous drama both domestic and international. The current president has created so much of this that nearly anything will be an improvement.

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  3. Biden will be a moderate, traditional President. World leaders will be able to work with him, he will work with world leaders to deal with climate issues, peace, COVID-19. Trump was an aberration, a reality show host that conned a whole party into running him for President.

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  4. Unless the two Georgia Senatorial positions that will be determined by a special election in December (I think it is) give the Democrats a majority in the US Senate, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell will continue to be the Senate Majority Leader. He has obstructed the efforts of President Obama and more likely than not a President Biden to put their plans into law. He obstructed the Democrats during the Trump administration, and made sure the courts were packed with conservative justices. That said, if he continues in the position of Senate Majority Leader, the Democrats will have till 2022, the next opportunity to try to expand the number of Democratic Senators to get a majority and an opportunity to get any of a President Biden’s plans in law.

    The main benefit of the election was to remove a destructive, anti-American man from the White House. He can kiss Putin’s butt in all the free time the American people gave him for 2021 and beyond! The Republican Party will have to rebuild itself as a party for America, not the party of sycophants worshiping one man who serves himself alone!

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      1. I voted for Biden because of his experience, his choice of a vice president, his human decency, his empathy, and the fact America has suffered a decline in civility and decency because of Trump, who is on the golf course at this historic moment.

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    1. That’s absolutely true in one way but on the other hand it affects our lives in any way therefore I feel we must learn something about it… Though I myself is very new to understand the complexities but try to.😊😊

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