Missing the sparrow!

When I used to wake up at home there were countless sparrows sitting in a row at my wall; it was the every day morning show for me unless I give them some wheat or barley grains at the roof top.

they were really the innocent fellows who were come to see me everyday, none took care of me like that ever except Maa (because as you know, none can beat mother’s Love and care ever).

Now living in a city where birds are rarely visible makes me miss them a lot.

Again the PM Mosiji’s pictures with birds make me miss them more. 🙃

These birds are also called house sparrows, they belong to the family of passerine birds. They used to make their nest under the old huts in Rajasthan (I know only about that place) so that they can be saved from many out side attackers but now because huts have been replaced with cemented houses they’re actually in danger for their survival.

They are said to be found in all parts of the world and are social birds as found in flocks and breed in colonies. Agricultural area and human settlements have been their main habitats. I really love them. Missing you my dear little fellows. 🤐💓


  1. In lockdown days, Birds come often. But as we came outside once again, again we are losing them.🙁At least we can do our bit, can put water, food, and shelter for them.😊

    you brought a great article to work upon practically.👍

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