Your Journey as a Leader

First you need to have the ambition and ability to be a leader as we discussed in the last article called “13 Mindset Skills to be a Leader” @

Now we will move ahead here we will see how to start the journey and move on-

The moment you read the earlier article and have come to read this too that means you have the required ambition to be a leader, no doubts!! Now we need to see how you can develop the ability to be an effective leader.

I am going to write here what I have actually observed closely in the people around me, you can do the same too and will find lot of similarities :). Observation just needs some concentration and a lot of patience and then you get to go 🙂

You need to have a goal but think whether you are going to set them or accept them as set by others; as a leader you are going to focus on setting them but with consent of the majority and harm to none, as dictators, in my opinion, are not leaders; they are just undue influencers.

Having said that- we are going to focus on the real thing. The key to this article is that none can be taught to be a leader rather have to inbuilt the capacity trough observation and experience. There are some of us who do it for others. Like taking the pain for others; they are truly pious hearts but not leaders. They have empathy that is a great value to have as a human and not all of us have that but to be a leader we need to take care of one more thing that is EMPOWERMENT. Means make others remove their pains themselves. Give them the skill so that next time you can move ahead and they do not have to wait for you. You have to learn delegation of powers as well to be a good leaders otherwise you will loose the influence and hold over your team, you need to resolve their issues, set goals, and bring changes according to the time and situation. Also have to keep the plan ‘B’ in mind always, rather than playing the blame game, to invest the energy of your team and yours, in a constructive way.

In our schools at times we are confused with the management and leadership skills and for leadership a little bit of management skills are also needed but more of People’s Skills are required.

First Have VISION

Second Power to MOTIVATE

Third is Ability to make Quick DECISIONS

Fourth is the quality to Deal with CRISES


Now decide your rules of Success

It’s good to see and learn from other, how they are growing but many at the lower stages focus on being puppet of the bosses; please avoid that because doing that you can never be a leader, though you can be a boss but never a leader for sure.                

Apart from what has been mentioned in the last article and the present one, you need to exceed expectations, be a selfless team player, etc. Then comes another important thing that is to visualize your goal and perceive your present position to learn the gap in between both to be covered. Now ask yourself whether you like your work? To succeed, negotiate before you join to seek right support to go ahead and match your expectations with the end goal and if needed focus on the budget too. Also spot the prospect to expand your skills needed for the end goal.  Luck matters and you can develop it within, by having control over your fate. Everyone needs an active and trustworthy team, be the loyal member and enthusiasm to learn. Once you go through the process you are in the position to take risks and you can test your freedom of work to be your own boss.

Whatsoever assignments you take in hand must be prepared to be a win and how to decide that?

To check that you will have to see whether people or your company are ready to support or finance it?

Then see the solution of the problem in hand is heading you towards your vision.

Then check your team, its potential, pace and performance and finally fix the deadlines for small- small tasks to get it done in time.

Finally keep the floor open to breath means let the team share their creativity and come up with new ideas to do the same thing.

Then shunning the projects already a fail is also not so easy in the beginning of your career. To do that you need to have more and more communication with your team to get the emerging opportunities; try show your potential to people with right mission; do not try achieve the most in things of not your interest; be in the good books of the boss with hard work but stay away smartly when the uninteresting tasks are being staffed.

To get promotion or sponsorship you have to be working under the right person on the right role then only you can think of it, else you are out of the competition itself. Volunteer for several tasks beyond your duties to be visible enough among your seniors. Ask for promotions as many times they do not care unless asked for. Follow integrity, people’s skills, and progressive attitude and be competent to your role, along with being ready to take the higher risks.

You need to stay employable for sure

For this the best thing is keep improving your skills as per the changes demanded in the field to progress and be adaptable. Have a strong network to be aware of new opportunities in advance and work smart to have an eye catching track record.

While getting a job you need to be extra cautious

They say it that ‘to finish first, first you must finish’. This is the secret how slow and steady wins and winners are not always those considered the best or most brilliant. Job instability, politics, dull team or work, threats to future are very common everywhere; just the proportion changes therefore ask your heart the right questions.

First, what do you really enjoy except for ability to pay your bills.

Second, what you are going to learn there not training rather in terms of experience and attitude.

And finally, ask yourself which direction you are going to go from there in the next 5-10 years?

If all of their answers fit in the way towards your life aspiration, then go for it.

Now you might be confused that everything else you got but how to be trained to triumph?

See, not everyone need to learn from the first hand experience otherwise humans or science would not have progressed this much. So, we need to learn from many resources like- Observation, people around, seniors/experts in the field, books, and own experience.

First, plan and think ahead beyond emotions.

Second, kick start of the plan like making application to the employer, walking in interviews etc.

And then evaluate it time and again after you acquire some skills and confidence to get ahead and ready to take bigger risks but remember none is fully ready unless they step into it so don’t keep waiting. While analyzing our success or failure we tend to assume that success was natural and only the failure was supposed to be looked at. But I have a big ‘NO’ for that because here you need to focus on what went right as well and also to learn what could have been done better to see what more need to be done to keep the pace up. Then move ahead never get stuck.

After doing all that you need to remember that even if it is not finally a success you make sure that you enjoy the journey. Hence without bringing the stress of breakdown; you trust yourself and also enjoy the trip. This will also increase your chances to win. Look after yourself and increase your stamina.  There you need to remember that the world is not on your shoulders, you need to spend some time for yourself, your well-being (both mental and physical), spend some light moments with your family, and bear some social responsibilities too; to remain fresh and energetic. It is not that you get arrested at the work place and be a robot; it will lessen your capacity. Using alcohol/smoke/power drugs and sleeping less are not going to help rather delegate things, have control and enjoy your work – life balance. That will help you sustain vigor so have good diet, have some family time, exercise, relax, and most importantly have the switch-off time to enjoy the work next day.

Hope, to see you as a leader in future.



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