Manager or Leader?? -1

“Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.” said Tom Peters.

Many of us get confused as to who we call a manager or a leader or which qualities we need to focus on if we are aspiring to be one.

Let’s start removing the confusion now

First a Manager has the following

1.There is a target to achieve like revenue generation /maximise profit /cashflow etc

2. Responsibility to run the business efficiently, give training to team, and the team understand the job expectations, retain the customers and grow their number.

3. To maintain corporate social responsibility with ethical standards, contribution to economic development, and help improve the quality of workforce, their families, local community and the human society.

Now we see the principles of management –

First – planning to set goals and a course of action. To do this you have to define the vision and mission, select strategies to go ahead.

Second – Organisation means Formulate the structure, assign roles to all, arrange resources and allocate them to the given roles and delegate authority to the team members.

Third – lead and direct the team and make sure that the final objective is clear to all. Also create the touch stones before the final deadline. Keep the communication and co-ordination going and motivate the team.

Fourth – control and monitor the work process and track the actual progress of the plan and completion of the proportional task. Review, evaluate, correct, and help maintain the standard.

Where the management fails and why brightest of employees leave the job??

Let’s look into that –

It happens when 1. They feel over-burdened or no work life balance 2. Their efforts are not regarded 3. Wrong people are promoted or no work ethics 4. No personal growth in the role and 5. No clarity in decisions or poor communication.

Actually people must feel valued, have a voice, flexible work conditions, compensation for extra time, opportunity to use skills, time for personal development, regular feedback and transperant plus positive environment is a must for performance.

I’ll just say that because “Fear kills productivity” as a manager we need a culture of friendly environment to flourish growth.

about leadership we are going to talk about in the next post


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