Woman as a friend

I agree to the quote here

Here (background is people always question the chestity of a lady if she just found to talk to gents with a smile).

It says that just come out of the thought of lust or looking at women just as a body.

The moment you consider them equal you will find No better friends than them.

चाहो तो कोरोना मरीजों को देखो कोई भाई बंधु और बच्चे आगे नहीं आए बल्कि केवल औरत वो चाहे मां के रुप में चाहे पत्नी के रुप में, सिर्फ वही आगे आई आपको स्वस्थ करने के लिए।

this is what happens with husband and wife as well, people in India say that never trust your wife but you know I find it a big reason for going towards adultery, this rumor has been spread by distorted minds for sure who wanted to save their criminal faces in want of fake honor which they didn’t deserve. Whereas the fact is jokes apart , she is the one who is by your side always.

if you don’t trust them recall your friends getting sick of corona and find who except doctors was serving them… None other than a mother or a wife. No brothers or children or cousins or uncles have served them day and night as their wives did.


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