Women were drawn

They were drawn everywhere and their natural emotions were neatly shown over the paper or canvas but never in the human conscious.

I find that is the reason why crimes against women are growing every given moment because they are looked as property to be used or owned and not as fellow humans with full of motherly love and pious heart, rather only seen as body to be looted or cheated or blamed to hide men’s crime while taking blame on their character.

This is the reason why a man rapes and woman’s respect is in danger coz they have not seen her as a human who creates them rather seen her just as vagina and put their tiny ego with family respect behind her vagina. For which she had never consented.

But he who keeps his own strength in a tiny piece of body can never understand that being a man means to possess human values and respect every fellow creature rather than owning a woman under the fear that otherwise where’s he gonna release his anger or frustration which comes to him from his failure and therefore when you notice you will find that only those who fail everywhere else try show their muscular power to the wife behind four walls. See the fear of wrong doing that he cannot show this false pride also in open coz he knows it’s wrong therefore only behind four walls at night.

Believe me those Who treat their wives as equals and give them due respect receive it as well in the greater proportion from her as well as others and they can actually lead a greater and beautiful life, far far better than earlier.


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