Class based love jehad

#love_jehad … You must have heard of this term for sure if you are an Indian or take interest in the news from India. This is a very low standard political problem which raises it’s head every now and then.

it basically targets the middle class inter religious marriages, by creating unrest in the name of religion in their minds.

They sought everywhere or kill those Hindu Muslim friends or couples found hand in hand. Calling it a kind of jehad or war trick to convert Hindu girls to Muslim faith.

But none questions people in politics or with lot of money or in film industry who have their better half from other religions as names are mentioned in the picture like Shah Rukh Khan or Sachin Pilot or Kareena kapoor or mukhtar Abbas naqvi or Shah nawaz hussain or Sunil setty and many more. 🤐🤐

Now even the law has been passed in the state of UP which is considered the center for Indian politics.

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