Real Men

Real and strong men fights with the circumstances and go ahead as a conqueror.


the weaker men just keep fighting with women to show themselves superior and remain a looser for lifetime.

Be a real man, follow equality, be a support , don’t snatch other’s right to speak and freedom, then only you can believe in yourself to go ahead.

because those who don’t believe in themselves go and try to pull others down.


  1. Yes to all of this. It is only in recent times that we’ve been talking about that here. We’re asking questions like “Why aren’t men expected to have feelings other than happiness or anger?” If those are your only emotional choices, no wonder so many of us are in trouble as we hide sadness or fear away or turn it in to anger. We feel sad, insecure or inadequate but that’s discouraged, but all around our culture (yes, ours too) says “Don’t cry, don’t say anything that looks weak, but if you want to release some emotions you can yell or hit something instead.”

    Also so true what you say about people not talking to psychologists – we’re still overcoming that barrier here also. It’s often necessary, though – especially if you don’t feel comfortable talking to people around you. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to notice the patterns you yourself fail to notice.

    I’m really glad to see more and more people talking like this around the world. It won’t change overnight for sure, but I am hopeful we are headed in the right direction.

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      1. I’m glad. Thank you for posting so much on this topic also. It is really important that men get called out on their bad behaviour.

        And really, it’s for their own good too. If they treat women better, they will find their relationships and friendships much more satisfying. So it’s frustrating for me to keep watching men make women miserable and make themselves miserable in the process. Nobody is happy but men insist on digging their heels in and not changing. And sadly sometimes women support them. वे बोलते हैं : “आदमी ऐसा होते हैं ” ये बात बिलकुल सही *नहीं* है !

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        1. True… You are right… Leaving these patriarchal emotional barriers will benefit them both and more to their mental peace and family’s growth. Otherwise I’m most of Indian families women are always worried about what is going to come next for them or their kids as they never know before the last moment. They are told by parents that they are at their home now with husband but husbands and family always show them that they are not part of the family 🤐🤨
          This impacts their kids as well. On the other hand husband is fighting with himself because he had been taught since day one not to open his heart and therefore now he gets frustrated and releases his emotions in anger and not happy but he is prejudiced to think that this is all because he is married and wife is trying to change him and wife always waits for him to talk to her.
          Both are not able to be friends and there is the problem because humans are social and they cannot be happy together unless they talk without prejudices and fears or any sort of barriers.
          And these things exist but not for Indian male. Only psychologist can tell them but they say those who are mad only go to them.

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        2. I’m glad that you understood the point I wanted to convey otherwise many of my friends just don’t get it and say you are trying to spoil our culture, which is not true because in the name of suppressing practices we cannot ruin our family peace, some give it name of joint family but where a peaceful mind hurts a joint family I don’t get it. Rather if both of them are friends they will always think for the family welfare and will remain strongly bonded with others too. Otherwise even if they stay together they will fight, no point. 🤐

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        3. Yes you are right that saying ‘men are men’s and leaving the issue un-discussed will not solve the problem.
          There are poems which says men remain quiet and feed the family, they never show emotions and try make everyone happy and still wives are not happy.
          But these poems support the wrong way.
          Because wife doesn’t need money as much as she wants his time, and care and like to walk hand in hand as a friend. And he needs to share his heard, even shade tears when he feels and let her laugh without getting angry. Then only they will smile together forever.
          Thanks for the kind reflections.
          They are really important.

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