Freedom and Society

That’s so true. Humans, being social creatures, are free within the society but not out of it.

But then we have to carefully mark the limits as to how far the society is going to rule them. Co-existance is a muat but for that we are not free to torture someone in the name of gender, caste, creed, color, place of birth etc.

Think over the statement in the picture and reflect over that please. Your views are valuable.



  1. I think freedom can never be experienced within a society. Each society programs it’s citizens to think, act, and behave in certain ways. To truly be free one must live completely disconnected, a master to only themselves and nature.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your opinions dear… yes you are right in the sense that the humans are social and therefore to keep the bonding we have to compromise freedom… and the way you said it the perfect freedom yes… but it then in my opinion not everyone wants to go that ways therefore i think (as there is nothing absolutely right or wrong like maths here) if you are an informed world citizen and then you want to decide that you are happy with some bonding and want to live with the families and all the society but still do not want to follow the unnecessary or ridiculous stuff in the name of religion or the customs or the rituals etc, then too s/he can realize the similar freedom. But none feels free if something is unnecessarily imposed upon them. So I was just trying to talk about the relative freedom within the society which is absolutely possible as many of us follow such people as our ideals.
      Again, thanks for sharing your opinions dear 🙂


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