Democracy for Indian Farmers

This Is ridiculous to see, when still a major chuck of Indian people are associated with farming in any way. The so called biggest democracy is ruining them like any thing.

Farmers are the backbone of the nation and none is ready to accept the fact as of now but the time we the people of India living in cities will realise the same it will be too late and none will need ready to go for farming. Farmlands will be occupied by these corporate vultures and we’ll remain empty handed.

Then the Cost of farm produces will touch the sky and life will be miserable even for the middle class families. Forget about the poor.

It is high time to look beyond what rulling governments are trying to show us via the 24×7 soughting idiot boxes in our homes. Media reliability is in minus these days as media houses are acting like mouthpiece to the rulling parties.

Stop being trapped into all this shit which is going on since more than a decade to let everything go into hands of private players and that means selling the country nothing else.

Why none dare to ask that when farmers are asking you to talk rather than talking why are you wasting soooooo much of taxpayers’ money into throwing water and bullets in them??

Why asking simplest questions make you anti national??

People are permanent opposition to the governments come and go but the nation remains then how come the present government has become synonym to nation. We have already seen the same time during Emergency under Indira regime if we cannot learn from that then no point we read history in schools.

This undeclared emergency is even far more dangerous than the earlier one. Here the nation is on sale. Just because the PM is not married and not giving money to his family doesn’t mean that he cannot go wrong. Think that how come a party has got so much of money while being in power that all it’s leaders have got tight security and lavish public meetings.

And why our the most important leader is keeping mum on the national issues and just wither found in the political rallies or out of the country??

Ask yourself first that is everything is alright with these three recent legislations made for farmers then why cannot government delegation is ready to meet the poor innocent farmers asking for their rights. Last year farmers From Tamil nadu have been Treated the same way and media and governments were quiet, now the same getting repeated.

Think about the future of yourself and speak if you cannot speak about the nation.

No religion is in danger only the nation and democracy are.


  1. Sorry for not responding all of you guys as I need to read the long comments well and then respond them… Busy with exams and some other issues… See you guys soon


  2. @Rachana, I admit the key importance for farmers and farming. Your address successful in bringing that point also very well. But the core of you post is with some notions. I think, we need to consider the key points how we can help them to ensure the future bright. Rather than superficial comments, why don’t you read the laws and bring key points that affect very badly for the farmers. That can help all of us to do something positive. Else, we keep on making superficial emotional comments and end up getting nothing. Sad to see many social media post so emotional without any helping or constructive ponies.
    By the way, Rachana, I just shared a thought. Nothing against your post. I work with some of the social initiatives and many realities are not the same as you “see”.
    Anyways let do what best we can for people around.

    Thanks Rachana.
    Also very happy to see your positive intent.. Appreciate that.

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    1. By the way, thanks for the comments,
      But for your kind information I have read the laws and then only mentioned things here.
      I didn’t wanna mention law provisions here as not everyone is a law student who reads the post but yeah I’ll take your suggestion and some more friends of mine too have mentioned that so next week I’ll discuss the law itself too.
      Thanks for the suggestion.


  3. Great awareness post! I think increasingly the connection between the food on our tables and farmers and their agricultural lands is getting forgotten. If we can create more awareness through such posts then we help remind everyone of the farmer and the agricultural land and the need to protect it and protect the farmer.

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  4. If only we ‘surrendered’ to the importance of agriculture ..
    Here with me the land is uncultivated; everyone prefers a permanent place and even for me it is difficult to find who will arrange my garden

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    1. Right… It’s true…. But still those who are managing to do it somehow… Being a daughter of a farmer father I know that it takes a lot of feelings involved in it when they ask us to go away from farming and take another job. They are forced to ask us to do that but they can never leave it since they are quite attached to this profession otherwise it would be a lot of struggle within.


    1. That’s the sad truth… Though none of the governments have got favourable policies for farmers absolutely… But this one is totally anti farmer though using their name in every speech 🤐 to mislead the minds of our educated elites who neither know nor try to go deep to know the reality.

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        1. You won’t believe that what replies I get from people studying in great social science institutions of the world are like… They are just earning as we do…. But actually farming and army are two jobs where lot of feelings go along…. If you don’t feel for them you can do anything but these two things.

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