Bravo -Delhi Govt declined

I appreciate the fact that Delhi government decline to get it’s grounds converted into temporary jails… But there centre still must be thinking on the same lines that is why the demand for getting them at one place and a gap of seven days.

I wish that it is not the repetition of Jaliyanwalla massacre, otherwise there situation is gonna be out of control for the giver which the might not have assume till day.

Also I feel somewhere that if we really want the Indian democracy alive and kicking we need to kick out all the present day BJP and congress politicians and get new faces ahead and for all this we actually need an army rule for an year or so… To actually replace the broken state of affairs.


    1. No they are not prisoners… Central government wanted them to confine…. But the idea failed since the state didn’t permit. Therefore, no idea which way they wanted to do it but one thing is sure that it was not with good intentions and to harm the protesting citizens to silence their voices.


        1. No, no criminal act actually in India freedom of expression (if that is in criticism of government policies) is considered anti national.
          Government is taking people’s rights away for no reason.


          1. Absolutely, That’s what is the problem here and they were peacefully protesting for four month against the ordinances (laws made under emergency situations when the parliament is not in session), which are snatching their rights and allowing black-marketing by corporations and taking away Farmers’ right to get the minimum support price for their products.


          2. But they were not heard therefore now they had to March to Delhi (the capital) to make their voices heard then the centre has converted Delhi into a fort and put barricades with barbed wires on the borders of the capital and then asked for permission of the state to put them together and convert the places into temporary jails unless they stop asking for their rights.


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