Male chauvinism

The quote says if the female is wise it breaks family because male ego cannot accept her as she is.

And if the man is wise then female breaks because in that case she cannot live her life happily and have to OR forced to give up everything for his happiness and to keep the family unbroken.

What to do?


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  2. What to do? Men need to change their attitudes and then this is a non-issue. So often people talk about the strength of men, but their egos can be so small and fragile they can make everyone around them miserable if everything isn’t 100% perfect.

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    1. Truth! Strength is not determined simply by large biceps and triceps. It is not about physical strength. They love to use that as standard for what strength is. Humility is strength. Kindness, patience, self control- these are strengths. Over-inflated, fragile egos are about the most frail thing in existence.

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