Bride with Barat बारात वाली दुल्हन Proud changemakers

#breaking_the_barriers this was like shaking the heads of those hardhearted people whose ego comes in when there are talks to bring changes, they just make lot of unnecessary drama and hue and cry. And let the change makers down.

I really appreciate the efforts of these families, really glad to see (the groom) a male who dared to come out of the male ego and do this.

Otherwise there are many highly educated ones who cannot even dare to accept their wives without so called sringar (body decoration with ornaments to shoe they are married and if they remove any of it it’s considered as a bad sign 😂 I see no logic behind 🤣).

You will be glad to know that it was the groom who had taken the initiative. Mr Ajay Jatav from Alwar, Rajasthan who works in the Tata Aerospace Company and he didn’t use any plastic for the marriage, even the cards were not of paper rather printed on a handkerchief which can be used after two wahes, then there were names of female family members written before male partners, the guests were gifted with a tree and a copy of the Constitution of India, also their marriage was without the day decided by priest and in absence of a priest.

I can understand how tough it might be for him to do this in the hardcore patriarchal society like that of Rajasthan. But it was even more dangerous than that can you see why? Because it was a great initiative taken by a person from backward communities.

I am really glad to know about his efforts and see this news, because it’s rarely visible these days.

People can’t even dare to fight with their ego to respect their wives even in their private room or try to accept them as their partners or friends, rather only try to show how they can own them and make them a puppet to dance on their instructions. Unfortunately even the high qualification Or education cannot change them.

Therefore, I really salute this brave soul. May all his wishes get fulfilled and he writs many more changemaking success stories.



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