Farmers n bills some queries

8 questions related to farmer Bill’s and their implications.
Q1. After becoming the PM, did Modi repeatedly promise the farmers 50% more than the produce price?
Ans: Multiple times including from the Parliament.
Q2. What did his govt tell the SC when the farmers approached it, after he went back on his promise.
Ans. “The govt cannot afford to pay 50% more than the produce price to the farmers.”
Q3. Does the present bill even assure the minimum support price which, in some cases, is 10% more than the produce price?
Ans. No.
Q4 : Do the farmers, now after the new law, have to agree to sell their produce at the auction price by the new middle men from the corporate?
Ans. Yes.
Q 5. Do the farmers have any say on the Auction price.
Ans. No. The bill even forbids them to keep their own produce with themselves if they do not want to sell these.
Q6. Is it possible that the auction price may even be lower than the produce price.
Ans. Of course. The corporate middlemen cartel may always decide to divide among themselves to buy out different produce at different purchasing Centres (mandies).
The big movie theatres decide, from which movie houses the movies are to be exhibited. The producers of small houses are totally at the mercy of the three top groups.
Q7. Has it happened that Ambani group bought the produce at @ Rs7.5 and sold it at @Rs 156?
Ans. Yes it happened in Punjab.
Q8. Is there any other industry or service provider in India who is not guaranteed by the Indian Constitition, to sell its product at the price set or demanded by it ?
Ans. No.
Even the govt sells the petroleum product at prices much higher than the cost price.
The coaching institutes, the medical and engineering colleges now are charging upto 1000 times than they were charging 20 years back. The salary of even the govt servants has increased more than 100 times as compared to 1954.
The farm produce!!?? Not even ten times since 1954.
Why are the farmers being called Anti Nationals for asking for even the Minimum Support Price? I really don’t know. But I know this is the extent of suppression of democracy in India and our democracy has turned into autocracy now.

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