Farmers: our past and future- emergency bills to ruin them

Actually while reading history I have found out that the farmers and indigenous people were the real freedom fighters and not the song called leaders we read generally. Just because these were people who didn’t know how to get publicity and get highlighted they are hidden behind the big names.

Likewise everytime our economy was dying the farmers were people who saved it.

In future too we can easily access to food if they are not tortured rather helped with some favourable laws.

Actually there are soooooo many regulations in their name by the earlier and present government but rarely any could reach to them in the form of actual benefit.🤐🤐

They are all on paper. But now is the time when we need to see that on ground 60% of Indian population is associated or depended on farming only when on the other hand we are trying to reach to the Mars. We have to to create jobs for them and give reasonably return to farmers. Every government comes into power while befooling people in their name and make some internally contradictory polices which has no way to reach to the intended beneficiary or I must say that there is no intended beneficiary of them. Just like the present laws which talk about farmers there is nothing new except indirectly removing MSP (minimum support price) which will kill the National food security law and directly encouraging the Black marketing and selling their produces to the hands of corporations against their will. And calling them historical laws in favour of farmers. The middle men were also troubling them as they used to give them loan on high interest rates so farmers wanted government help and now in the name of this favour the government is selling farmers at the hands of big corporate houses. 🤐🤐 ruining our future by snatching even this work at hand from many and then showing no other way. Also it’s gonna make the market price of their produces out of reach of the common man. Today because farmers are there, none dies of hunger in villages. Had they not been their the migrating workers from cities due to corona, would have died almost 90% in want of food and shelter they were given by farmers on the way.

During corona farmers contributed 3% positively in the Indian economy. In 2008 also they saved India for not fully being dependent on banks. During corona they have not only helped the economy and workers but have helped many organisations for free to save people from hunger. Had they not been their our government would have been helpless and atleast 60-70 times more than the deaths now, would have happened out of hunger rather than corona.

But still our government showed unimaginable hurry to get them done in June 2020 when they were still fighting with the increasing rate of corona infections, as they wanted to hide this behind covid episode and also that this is the time none will protest or they can stop them while seeking rest of the people’s favour that they are here to spread covid. Therefore, they got these bills passed in emergency via ordinance. When there is any urgency to pass a law without any debate or discussion then it is brought with the President’s signature directly, before the parliament session starts. Normally laws are passed after debate when the parliament is in session.

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