My love at first sight !!

She is my granny, my goddess

she is my love, my lifeline

because she is there

I cannot count my blessings

For sending me to be raised by her

I cannot ever thank enough to heavens

She is everything to me

She is creator of my creator

She is my true friend n philosopher

She is the one who breaths for me

She is the one who fought for me

She is my guide my teacher

She educated my creator

She gave the family human values

she asked us to follow certain rules

She is the one who knows no anger

She is the one always a wonder

She knows no jealousy

She’ll show you way to be happy

She has been a bundle of joy to me

She has been the glory of family to me

She is a farmer by profession

She ploughed fields n cooked for us

Whatsoever the problem may come

She has all ways to solution

She is my granny, I call her Maa

I love you My innocent Maa

I wish a healthy, happy and prosperous

Long life for you Maa


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