Government, Fundamental Rights and the myth of consent

I believe that in a democracy- Governments and the society have this social contract that Governments will protect the Fundamental Rights of the general public and the People in tern follow their Fundamental duties. But in case it is not being followed, it actually causes a threat to the democracy as well as the social environment as there is danger of anarchy and increase in the crime rate. Therefore, the statement in the Picture by Bhagat Singh (the great Indian Freedom Fighter) seems to be absolutely correct.

It says- “If any government deprives its citizens of their Fundamental Rights then it becomes not only the right rather the Primary Duty of the People to change or vipe out the Government entirely.”

I further believe that the People of the Nation are or must be the permanent critique of the Government in power to keep the democracy healthy, alive and kicking. When the people are aware of their rights and they speak up in case they see any single threat to any section of the peaceful co-existence of the society. Once the citizens become blind followers, they welcome anarchy and then gradually the ruler takes powers in his/her hands and becomes a dictator and then comes the situation when the pleasure of a few comes at the cost of the pain to the larger chunk of population.

And then comes the moment when the separation of powers becomes a thing of decoration on paper and every pillar of the democracy starts speaking the same language, then it is really high time to be cautious. Then comes the new drama at the present times when we see that every voice in dissent it tried to be silenced by adopting illegal and immoral measures. Protesters are not allowed to get together like it was did in the state of UP in India where the Police Force was deployed at large number and section 144 CrPC was on, which says that the gathering of four or more people at a place is illegal and punishable. If they still do not stop then they are blamed as violators of the law of the land and arrested. If they try save themselves and go ahead while raising their voices then they are defamed by being funded from the opposition parties or being terrorists or urban naxals or maoists and many further terms like fake students or fake farmers or paid protesters are used to let their morale down. The media contributes 10 times more in spreading these lies at door to door as people are too lazy to connect the dots and know the reality.

This is how whether or not the protests are a success but there is a huge gape created amongst the different chunks of population, as the educated elites and youth are ill-informed and only a small group of people are left out in the decent. Can you see, why all this is done?? why dissenting opinions are not taken care of or actively suppressed?? Actually it is due to the myth of consent for the legitimacy of the Government, that is why there is fashion that governments will try to strengthen the idea of fake nationalism where they say that they are the nation and if any one criticises them that means s/he is an anti-national. And dissents for them are thigs which can easily puncture the myth of consent and then their base is shacked and the legitimacy gets under threat.

Where from this fear of loosing legitimacy comes?? I believe (you are free to opine too, please), it comes from the fact that actually they know that since they have not worked genuinely anywhere, therefore they can be questioned easily and if the general public will be able to see any truth in the dissent, then they will try search other connected loopholes too and this way they will be able to unthread the chain of their mischiefs and will be uprooted soon. So the people need to be extra aware in these times of social media, as the what’s app university is the most misused place to spread all these false propagandas. Be aware and spread awareness, friends!!

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