This is how fake news is spread :(

This is just an example of how the fake news is spread. When our hon’ble PM went to the state of Sikkim for the inauguration of its first Airport, where he said that the scheme of Slipper to Airplane has been successful. Where he said that the last Government had built only 65 airports in the last 67 years and they have made 35 in last 04 years. But that is false and the fact is given here–

It is really sad to know that the head of the state can say lies like this and this is just one example even on Farmers Bills and many more things the same has been done to befool the innocent citizens of India, which is really dangerous for the survival of democracy.

But we just do not try to focus on these big lies too unfortunately and it is really dangerous for our future generations as it is going to corrupt everything which will in turn ruin the justice system as well and shelter the crime and criminals.

the above mentioned link says-

“There are now 100 airports operational in India of which 35 were added in the last four years,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during the inauguration of Sikkim’s first airport at Pakyong on September 24 this year.

“Since Independence till 2014, the country had only 65 airports built over 67 years. That means, on an average, only one airport was built per year. However, in the past four years, almost nine airports were built in every year,” the prime minister added.

The Prime Minister’s Office soon tweeted the same information.

These claims of the prime minister created a fiery debate on social media. Many users on Twitter questioned the claims made by the prime minister. Twitterati like James Wilson (@jamewils) commented that the PM’s script writers were wrong in calling Pakyong airport as the 100th airport of the country.

India Today Fact Check team dug deep to find out the facts regarding the claims.

Claim: “Today we have made 100 airports operational.”

Fact: Almost true. As of today, India has 101 operational airports. The information was given by none other than the Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha in Parliament.

Answering a question in Lok Sabha on July 19 during the last Parliament session, Jayant Sinha said there are total of 129 airports owned by Airports Authority of India (AAI), of which 101 are operational.

Claim: “Among the (100 airports) 35 added in last 4 years. Since Independence till 2014, only 65 airports were built in 67 years.”

Fact: False. Only seven operational airports have been added in the last four year.

The government records show 94 airports were already operational in 2014. The then Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju had stated this in the Lok Sabha on December 1, 2014, five months after the Narendra Modi government came to power.

If you go by the two statements of these two ministers – 94 airports were operational in 2014 (Ashok Gajpati Raju) and 101 airports in 2018 (Jayant Sinha) – it is clear that only seven operational airports have been added in the last four years.

We contacted J B Singh, PRO of Airports Authority of India, to provide us with the list of the 35 new airports the PM was referring to. However, he said the AAI does not have the list. report on the PM’s claim also found that the only seven airports have been added in the last four years.

Claim: “In last four years, every year almost nine airports were built.”

Fact: False. At the rate of nine airports per year, a total of 36 new airports should have been ready by now. Whereas only seven new airports have been completed and made functional. Moreover, all the seven airports made operational by the Modi government were actually approved during the UPA rule.

On December 8, 2014, Dr Mahesh Sharma, the former Minister of State for Civil Aviation, in reply to a question had said, “The Government of India has granted in-principle approval for setting up of the 15 Greenfield Airports in the country.” Sikkim’s Pakyong Airport inaugurated by the PM on September 24 was also one among the 15 airports mentioned by the minister.

According to the Lok Sabha records, the 15 new Greenfield Airport projects Mahesh Sharma was talking about were approved during the UPA rule.

Official records and facts do not support the claims made by the prime minister.


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